Today is November 18, 2018
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book notes by siri
April 2012
4e reading
6married to bhutan by linda leaming
19accept this gift notes
22some assembly required by anne & sam lamott

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some assembly required by anne & sam lamott
April 22, 2012

subtitled: a journal of my son's first son

i love anne lamott.

this is her latest book, a joint effort, chronicling her son's entry into fatherhood at the ripe old age of 19! anne is the funniest grandmother i know. and the fiercest, most loving.

found this quote last night which so amazingly spoke to the butterflies in my stomach at this point in my life.. on the brink of a wild and dramatic turn...
"a friend of tom's says that grace is a small white butterfly, and life is a semi-trailer careening up 101."
aptly summed up in just a few words the mood inside me all afternoon and evening.

sun, apr 29

well, this is a keeper. one to store on my new e reader to take with me in the not yet owned rv.

if nothing else, i'll need to read/re-read the portion of the trip where she meets bill (naked behind his hotel room door) in india and they travel the streets/subways/trains and little frequently in need of repair on the side of the road car all the way to the taj mahal. up and down the ganges river,in and out of crowds of beggars. sensory overload. god everywhere.

i do believe the world would be saner if we could all take a trip to india, or failing that (due to carbon emissions which the planet obviously CANNOT afford)..if we could all just read anne's notes on HER trip to india. so human. anne reminds me to get more into all of that.
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