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book notes by siri
April 2013
6heft by liz moore
7still points north by leigh newman
21the wisdom of no escape, & th path of loving-kindness by pema chodron
28the wild marsh by rick bass

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heft by liz moore
April 6, 2013

started a new book, fiction, Heft. will have to add the author's name later. can't recall it. want to say liz moore???

anyway, caught my eye because it was a book the city of santa cruz read together for a city wide book club.

it's one of those reads you can't put down. one that makes you understand the world, people, life a little better. it's not exactly a happy read. but it remains hopeful. you know, just like real life.

yes, liz moore. beautifully crafted, compassionately and tenderly penned.

here's what I want to say.

i'm going to be hopeful regarding this novel's ending. I choose to believe these characters will weave a positive and caring path forward.

I can't say how much I liked this novel. how endearing, how much I care about all the characters here. so i'll let another reviewer speak for me--

"moore's lovely about overcoming shame and loneliness and learning to connect. it is life-affirming but never sappy."----library journal

"if ever an author cared more deeply about her characters than liz moore, I haven't found her yet. she is a profoundly compassionate writer, and in these two unlikely heroes, she gives us people worth rooting for."---the rumpus

and two final thoughts-
1. connections- such a good word
2. you WILL root for these characters, but more than anything, this novel will wake you up to the awareness that ultimately aren't we all...aren't we all worth rooting for?

finally, mary oliver's book of poems, a thousand mornings,
begins with this quote-
"the life that I could still live, I should live, and the thoughts that I could still think, I should think"...CG Jung, the red book

that quote perhaps sums up this novel, which will wake the reader up, to thinking, seeking connection, re-committing daily to life.
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