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book notes by siri
November 2015
8chuck pahlaniuk quote
28we never asked for wings by vanessa diffenbaugh

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we never asked for wings by vanessa diffenbaugh
November 28, 2015

this is the second novel by the author of the language of flowers, a book I read a few years ago. so far, it doesn't seem as intricately layered or complex. it is also not as compelling, tho I feel like that might be an unfair judgment because of the other pressing influences in my life at the moment.

i'm half way thru. so far, I think she is pulling off a very warm, sensitive and beautiful job of capturing her themes of young motherhood, young love, the Mexican immigrant experience, the pursuit of the American dream, the state of class, opportunity, education, poverty in America today. i'm interested to see how she weaves together the dangling threads she's created here at the middle as the novel builds toward its conclusion. the grandfather and lettie's son alex are bird lovers so i'll be sure to finish for that reason alone.

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