Today is May 27, 2019
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book notes by siri
April 2017
11dance of the dissident daughter by sue monk kidd, book 3
12Tortilla Curtain by T C Boyle, book 4

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dance of the dissident daughter by sue monk kidd, book 3
April 11, 2017

this is a re-read actually. I read it many years ago right after reading the secret life of bees.

this re-read reminds me that re-reads are important. you see things in new ways when life has thrown some time in between those readings. I get this book now. I get the message.

last time I was a little confused by some of the rituals, actually even the concept of a sacred feminine and why it was important felt a little out of reach for me.

add lots of paths followed in my own journey, lots of listening to my heart and following, lots and lots of time spent close to Mother in the form of nature. lots of time watching men wreck havoc on our planet and between our fellow beings, shaking my head.

anyway, now I get it, how the world NEEDS us to remember that this Universe of ours, this Great Creator, contains both a Masculine AND Feminine Sacred Divinity. because, truly, if there is ANYTHING this world needs more right now, it is a Feminine Voice, a Feminine Heart, a Feminine Perspective!

we watched, on the last night of our book group, the movie the secret life of bees. many years ago, I got May. and this time, is it possible, I fell in love with her even more deeply? but also, August and June. I could feel MYSELF standing there with them on the porch at the movie's end. and years ago, I couldn't really relate to the black woman with the raised fist, salvaged from the prow of a ship, how they placed their hands on her heart, drawing courage and strength deep into their own hearts. I get it now.

so hurray for epiphanies! hurray for those times the Universe sends us Second Chances to catch something we just didn't quite grasp on the first offering.

hurray for women! may we feel emboldened. may we step up and claim the respect stolen from us, denied to us for so long. may we know the Divine is both Male AND Female, God and Goddess and that SHE welcomes us home.
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