Today is May 27, 2019
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book notes by siri
August 2018
12the new bohemians by justina blakeney, book 16
28book 15, book 17 everything i never told you by celeste ng
29book 16, the new bohemians
31book 18, talk before sleep by elizabeth berg

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the new bohemians by justina blakeney, book 16
August 12, 2018

mostly an eye candy book of photos and some commentary about cool and collected homes. i requested it from the library prior to our trip and received a pick up email the day we came home. perfect timing, having just felt so inspired by s and b's bohemian style duplex. visiting them and now reading this book was just what i needed. i haven't felt quite right in our home lately. it just isn't coming together in quite the way i want it to visually. things need tweaking, organizing. but i haven't felt at all inclined in that direction since we moved in. last summer was all about just finding necessary items, like a couch, a few chairs, a table and chairs for meals, unpacking. it always takes me a while to find my way to center in new homes so i suppose i shouldn't be surprised. we made it comfortable and convenient enough last year. but now, i feel this itch for better, more pleasing, greater aesthetics. and this book is feeding those inclinations and i'm going with it because it's a wave i haven't felt like riding til now. we'll see where we go.

i think my style aim is a blend of "earthy" and "folksy". anyhow, the process begins.
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