Today is June 27, 2019
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book notes by siri
October 2018
8The Chicken Chronicles by Alice Walker, book 20*
11the chicken chronicles
12good & mad, the revolutionary power of women's anger by Rebecca Traister, book 21
13note to self
14leave no trace by mindy mejia, book 22
15leave no trace
20the new bohemians handbook by justina blakeney, book 23
22good & mad, book 21, and book 23
23book 23, the new bohemians handbook
26good & mad

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The Chicken Chronicles by Alice Walker, book 20*
October 8, 2018

this is a re-read for me. i read it many years ago, back when we lived in FL, when it first came out in 2011. when s and b started their chicken family a few years ago i told them this was a must read. a little bit of practical info but so much more. they had a copy at their little house when we visited this august and i read a couple chapters out loud to c as we sat in their back yard with the girls all around us making their happy noises as they looked for anything edible and scratched in the dirt to take dust baths or cluster together for dusty naps. when i came home i requested a library copy so i could read it again then interrupted it to read a few other books in between. now, i'm almost finished finally.

alice is a pretty cool woman. i love seeing interviews with her, often with amy goodman. she's witty, beautiful and super intelligent. i think she may be the poet of one of my favorite poems about the red sofa.

anywho, (she uses anywho a lot in this book--many of the chapters are written like letters to her girls back home as she travels), i'm a fan. and now that i know some real chickens personally, this book means even more to me. she captures it all so well. they really do have unique personalities and spending time just sitting with them, watching them, talking to them, letting them nap in your lap, it's very soothing. who knew?

if you have chickens yourself, you really should check this love story out. if you don't and you're perhaps considering becoming a chicken mom or dad, this will get you well on your way philosophically anyhow.

*i'm revising my list so that this is book 20, because i never have finished reading a book i already numbered way back this summer, the girl in the tangerine scarf. i don't want to count that in my tally as we head toward the year's end because there's a good chance i might not get back to it looking at the next few months ahead.
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