Today is April 23, 2019
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book notes by siri
November 2018
4Golden State by Lydia Kiesling, book 24
9book 25, Healing Houseplants by Michelle Polk & good & mad

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Golden State by Lydia Kiesling, book 24
November 4, 2018

mi hija, here i go again, with another book to recommend. any good writer must start with a million or so books under the skin i think so i'm trying to feed you still i guess. feel free to say no mama i don't like peas today. you know that right! no obligation to eat what i place on your tray. just brush it off and watch it fall to the floor and pick and choose on your own!

but i just finished a book i think you might like. as i read it, i kept thinking, ah, finally, a friend for ch! it's like you both speak the same language! you'll see maybe....It's a new book, fresh off the printers in 2018, The Golden State by Lydia Kiesling. the jacket reads in part "Keenly observed, bristling with humor, and set against the beauty of a little known part of California, The Golden State is an assured and forceful debut, elegantly examining class and cultural tensions, and desperate attempts to bridge old and new worlds. But more than anything, this is a story about motherhood: its voracious worry, frequent tedium, and enthralling, wondrous love."

you will live inside Daphne's head for about 10 days. and i know you will recognize her thoughts and i know you will understand her constant thinking in another language, from another world, as she tries to navigate the one she is living in.

also from the jacket, "A big, rollicking adventure of a novel, overflowing with the kind of intense, fractal consciousness that life with small children entails, the world at once collapsed and expanded infinitely, in which whole lifetimes are contained in each and every single day, Lydia Kiesling's The Golden State is as funny and alive a story as they come."---Elisa Albert, author of After Birth

i have to admit it was not THAT laugh out loud funny, but it does have a sharp, dry sense of humor about it, so you find yourself smiling in understanding often. but it is also such a commentary on the complicated, crazy culture our country has become so that part, in fair warning, is very depressing. i know you will relate to ALL THE PARTS of this novel. she has an interesting way of writing too, minus commas which captures well the way moms think.

personally, i can relate well to both daphne and alice. i love alice's way of explaining how memories are like rooms we find ourselves in again suddenly, at least i think that came from alice. we don't recall them with all the details but woah, there we are again, in that moment, how randomly they present themselves. this is happening to me daily more and more. it's like i'm traveling all day long back thru my life but with no control on where or when i might be landing again. weird. also her comment that the suffering of others is in no way relieved by our suffering for them. i'm still working on that one because part of me still believes that if the universe knows i too feel and carry this pain that it will add to the petition for the universe to step in and heal it. obviously, i think i have more weight than it would be wise to assign. i have more learning and growing to do!

love you, hang in there, hunter's wife, loving wife and mother, amazingly strong woman that you are, kiss e and e for me and hug yourself warmly like i would do if i could be there with you,


Thanks mom. I'll put in on the list! Keep the recommendations coming! I loved the read aloud family btw, not done with it, but have learned soooooo much.

About memories being like rooms I can totally relate to that too. We watched a movie lately that described memories as not being like a linear line, but rather all these moments that fall randomly around you like confetti. Loved that visual too.

Love you so much.
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