Today is February 20, 2019
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field notes by siri
July 2018
1second woodie nest
9monsoon season
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monsoon season
July 9, 2018

two days in a row now, it's rained here in the desert. monsoon season is upon us. heavy clouds, humidity, okay, not FLORIDA humidity but the faintest dose of it, still a surprising enough aspect, it being so rarely present. even lightning and a couple claps of thunder yesterday. we sit on the porch, mesmerized, watching the drops polka-dot the brick pavers, feeling the leaves responding with gratitude as their faces are washed. in the saucers, already emptied of mealworms by the ever hungry, busy birds, now a drop and then another plops with enough force in that small circle of puddle to create a splash. the moist air caresses our dry skin too with the slightest kiss of cool, a feeling we have almost but not quite forgotten. these are the first couple days of small brief showers, not enough yet to cause the gift to run off into the arroyos turning them into ribbons of rivers running, rushing through this hot season of summer.
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