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field notes by siri
November 2020
15my hummer friend

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my hummer friend
November 15, 2020

the little male costa is still here. every day he flies right up to my face to greet me at eye level. he usually hovers there for a few amazing seconds. i never move but i do sometimes say something like, oh, hi there baby, or some sweet nonsense like that at which point he zooms off. i realized today that he may not like my voice. it may be the reason he startles off. so next time he approaches me for a greeting i will try to keep silent and see if he might hover longer.

yesterday, i was sitting in the sun with my eyes closed for a few minutes. just to meditate and collect myself before starting the day. my hands were folded in my lap and suddenly i felt air stirring around them. he was practically sitting in my lap. and when i opened my eyes he zipped up to eye level so close i could then feel the air brushing against my cheeks.

it's really a magical happening. i don't know how or why this connection is ongoing. i keep imagining he is thanking me for so regularly refreshing the feeders, like sancho did after every meal when he would come over to me and wag his tail (and sometimes burp!) as he looked lovingly into my eyes. whatever it is he is trying to communicate doesn't really matter. i just feel lucky to have this very tiny and very beautiful new friend.

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