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April 2015
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Penn Jillette: Businesses Aren’t Being Told They Must be Gay
April 2, 2015

“There is more to gay sex than cake and flowers.”

indiana bigotNot words I ever expected to come out of magician Penn Jillette’s mouth, but these are unusual times. After Indiana passed one of the broadest “religious freedom” laws in the country last week, people took notice. Celebrities of all stripes took to the airwaves and made their opinions known that this would not stand.

As Jillette pointed out Wednesday night on CNN, these people aren’t being asked to engage in or endorse gay sex – they are simply being asked to treat gay customers “the same as other people.”

Jillette hit the nail on the head by repeating the phrase “gay sex.” To the people who craft and support these laws, the “gay lifestyle” is all about sex. When they think of a gay wedding, they don’t picture two men making a commitment out of love, they see sodomy — and they think that’s icky.

But as Penn points out, times are changing. Most people under 30 don’t think this way — they see gay people the same as other people, and treat them as such. My generation spends money like none other, and we’re not wasting our dough on homophobic pizza.

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