Today is January 21, 2021
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The Life and Times of Nursey Nurse, PHN by nurseynurse
November 2020
7Difficult Times

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Difficult Times
November 7, 2020

I have been through a lot since the last time I made an entry here. I got sick and had two hospital stays. In that time, I lost close to 20 lbs and I was already thin before that. I was thankful to have enough sick time to cover with plenty to spare. I am home now and back to work. But that was such a difficult time for me.

I started my new position with a pay increase and job title change as I had been hoping for. I'm doing ok in that job, though there are moments of stress. I hope it all works out okay. For the first time I feel as well compensated as I can be as a public health nurse working in my county. I am grateful for that.

Right now, the vote counting drags on. At my job I am surrounded by Trump supporters and for the last years, I have had to listen to them and put up with their boasting. Of course, the day after the election things looked good for them, but their political situation is quickly dwindling. The subject is largely avoided now and the silence is beautiful. I hope the Trump presidency will effectively be over sooner than later. It's been a wreck of a four years, with this one being the lowest of the low.

I am not naive enough to pretend that with the change of president, all will magically be perfect. But even if nothing much changes, I won't have to endure living in a country with a leader who is a racist, misogynist, homophobic, blowhard. And that's putting it kindly. I'll be glad to no longer ever have to quickly change the station to avoid hearing one of Trump's inane speeches or another one of his incendiary lies. It would be nice to see him go. Though, it might be so that he will try to bring the country down to the lowest he can possibly muster in his last several weeks and beyond. I can imagine him fantasizing ways of revenge even after he must pack his bags and leave the whitehouse. I'm hoping it won't be as bad as some are predicting. I have some hope, supported by nothing but general faith in the human spirit, that things will be okay.

Okay political rant over, I want to go read some journals and check in to see how everyone is doing. Maybe one day, I'll get back to making entries regularly again--and in particularly talking about nursing.
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