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This Thing Called Life by Pansis
March 2015
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March 18, 2015

I don't think these SA meetings are for me anymore.

What do I get out of them?
I've learned some things, but to take 2 hours of my night every week to go and listen to a handful of men moan and whine about compulsive I really need that?

Maybe I've gotten all I need from this adventure.
Maybe it's at the point now where....ok, I have the information, I know what I should be doing and I know how to do it...maybe now it's all up to me.

These guys...they have each other.
But because I'm a female in a sexual addict group, I feel the need to keep space between myself and the others.
I don't have anyone (maybe the only other female) there.

No one holds me accountable.
No one checks in with me.
No one contacts me throughout the week to see how things are.

And that's not their faults; it's just the nature of the group and them being guys and me being female.

So what's the point in continuing to go?

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