Today is September 18, 2018
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Life's A Script. by Amanda22Jane
November 2017

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Friday 10/November/2017. 16:46pmNZT.
November 10, 2017

Haven't written here for aeons...been busy getting on with life sans wine. I had two heart attacks back in March this year and I now live in another pretty quiet place, which is so good for me to recuperate without much stress. Couldn't be more blessed really. I had two stents inserted in an external artery beside the outer wall of my heart. There were two television monitors in OR, and I was able to watch the whole thing and I also asked for before and after photographs to remind me...some serious sh*t. They use computer technology too plus an instrument inserted through a catheter sleeve.
I've lost weight and I intend on losing more. Life is very busy now, more than ever, and I need to remind myself to still have bedrest and time to self care.
There's been a change in New Zealand politics & government. Our election happened recently. It's a coalition parliament now : Labour, New Zealand First and Green parties. I think the recent change will be....? Don't like to publicly voice my political opinions.
I've made a new but very difficult male friend. He is 71. And a very sad & depressed individual. I've worked very hard with trying to help him, however,he doesn't or cannot or will not help himself.
I've much more to write but it will have to wait because I have my creative writing group to attend in half an hour's time. I also entered a short story competition with a national newspaper. First prize is $3,000.00....pretty cool. Got my story finished and met the deadline for submission 7 hours before the competition closed. Phew. Not easy. I did it, with lots of prayer. Christmas is coming...

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