Today is September 24, 2018
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Life's A Script. by Amanda22Jane
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Tuesday 6/3/18 Actually.
March 5, 2018

Well. It is NEW ZEALAND CENSUS DAY today and I am down at the library online, with just that in mind. I have filled my online census form out and I completed it in the time that was recommended...twenty minutes. Perfectly done, except that I cannot yet prove my birth origin, so I had to just go with the adoption facts. Never mind, I have not done anything way. If people do not participate in New Zealand Census day today (actually, it's really tonight)-did mine early-, then a fine is imposed on those individuals and it's a hefty one.
New Zealand has a lot of laws for a small country...

I now have time to use up the rest of my paid hour of internet use by journaling. I've run out of data on my phone, so I miss being able to lie in my comfy, snuggly bed and write on my phone.

Update. My 72-year-old male friend and I have breached the trespass order and are remaining friends. He's a very difficult man to help. All of us, and there have been several people who have befriended him, whom he has psychologically attacked, have all walked out his front door. Seen it with my own eyes. I really don't know what I am doing being friends with him again, because his load of problems gets offloaded on myself every single time I'm invited over for a cup of tea. I am a little stronger though and a tiny bit wiser....we...will...see...

(Knew that bloody trespass order wouldn't last I'm avoiding TNZP because they will tell me off for breaking it.)

It's younger school childrens' library tour day today. In the hour I have been here four schools have been through...whirlwind tours really...nice though having the children around.
(I can still hear their cheerful little voices in my head!) Wink

I'm finding it hard to get out of bed and I have been getting headaches lately. I need to stop drinking wine and alcohol altogether...cutting down is not really working, I'm still averaging 5-6 bottles per week.

Been cooking for my 72-year-old friend up the road and have been cooking enough to freeze meal-sized portions for future meals. I've done six so far. I was meant to meet him at a community house today, but he either was late or didn't attend his appointment. Then we were meant to come on down to the library and do Census forms together, but he wasn't here at the library either. Do not know what happened...

Finding it difficult to get motivated around my little place. Kitchen work still going well. I have gained weight from the wine. I look awful. Midsection rolls and my butt is heavier and rounder. Far out....I need to walk and walk and walk more like I did 2016/2017.

I am attending a new support group on Saturday evenings. It is held once a month at a local church in the nursery room. A cosy venue and it's really a great group of souls who come together...all new...I do not know any of them...we end our support session with a prayer group, praying for those who are also afflicted and struggling and suffering. I feel light and peaceful after this group, so I am going to keep it up all this year.

Well, I can't think of anything else pressing to write, except that my book project is still weighing heavily on my heart. My motivation and desire to fulfill this project is waning...and I know why....ciao for now.

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