Today is July 18, 2018
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Life's A Script. by Amanda22Jane
April 2018

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Sandy The Cat and A Kitten Called Dekker.
April 12, 2018

My elderly neighbour A., has a large and gentle ginger tomcat called Sandy. He loves to sit at the kitchen window looking out at the world and pass some cat time there on a daily basis. He looks very handsome and regal framed like a living picture behind the glass edged with white paint. On the outside of the window, is a thin terracotta brick ledge.
I have on occasion taken photos of Sandy sitting in the window frame but the photos are disappointing because Sandy is masked by external reflections back on the window. He makes a lovely picture to look at tho'.

Now the thing with this cat is that he is confined to indoors and has been for three years, because his frail and elderly owner cannot run outside and pick him up anymore. He seems very content with his inside life. I offered to do the running and picking up of the ginger tom, if he cared for some outdoor exercise... A. -Sandy's owner- just stood there holding onto her walking frame and gave me an open look as if as much to say : you must be completely mad lady...I mumbled something and walked away. NOW...I know why.

Last night I was sitting on my doorstep smoking.
Dekker will venture outside past my feet to drink out of my tiny ornamental pond filled with rainwater. She won't go much further, which is fine with me because I get scared that the bigger free-roaming cats will attack her. There weren't any around which was doubly good at the time.

Suddenly, I had what I thought was a very good idea. I picked Dekker up and took her across to Sandy's window to meet him. As I got closer, his expression changed from serene to hostile...he could see who I was carrying. Dekker.
No problem, I thought naively, once he sees her close up, he'll see how cute she is....I was so wrong. She didn't see Sandy glaring down at her because she was more interested in sniffing the brick ledge onto which I'd reached up and placed her. (I had to stand on tiptoes too btw, to execute this manoeuvre). The kitten was now right outside Sandy's window. Dekker started licking the warm brick ledge. She still hadn't noticed Sandy glaring down at her on the other side of the windowpane. His mouth was opening and closing in a nasty snarl. I was coaxing him to be nice, and coaxing Dekker to notice him. Maybe she was ignoring him, I don't know cat ways such as what I saw Sandy do next...

He flattened his angry furry face against the windowpane and the resulting distortion made him look twice as fierce! His behaviour gave me some concern at this point, because he clearly didn't like the kitten. Not once did Dekker look up at Sandy. A large paw shot out and banged the window. I instinctively reached up to grab Dekker, but she didn't want to come down.
The flattened face started twisting and rubbing menacingly back and forth against the pane. Dekker was enjoying the late afternoon sun up there and the bricks were lovely and warm too. At this point, I think she was intentionally ignoring Sandy, because she didn't start at the banging and his growling muted by the pane. Then the ginger ogre stood up, turned around and with a flick off his indignant tail, he was gone. I thought things would be fine. The little kitten sat there sunning herself amd started having a wash.
He was gone, so it would be alright to leave her there a moment more. Surely. Out of the blue a ginger blur launched itself at the windowpan in one flying leap outta nowhere!! Fuck!! I got a hell of a fright. The bang was loud and rattled the glass! The kitten just blithely ignored the whole thing. Unbelievable. I reached up and grabbed Dekker, then made a hasty retreat. Won't do that again.

It's Friday the thirteenth of April today and yesterday was Jo's birthday, so we must go out for coffee to Robert Harris or Mc Cafe @ McDonalds do a huge five dollar cup for value.

I'm making some wonderfu lfriendships with my local church members and community.

Sparkles and I had a beautiful conversation last night for about forty minutes. Things have changed between her and I for the good...we are no longer needing to "protect ourselves"...I do love her dearly. She is very happy now she is not under her tyrant father's roof.(Mark my words...I do not use the term 'tyrant' lightly. He and his wife have moved to another town and I am so glad and relieved that I do not have to feel anxiety about running into them when I'm out and about.

I've put in three days work driving protector vehicle this week over some very dangerous roading has served to improve my driving skills, and knowledge of roading systems...I do drive off-road a fair bit too in my job. LOVED hooning around in a truck with a bit of grunt and giving it stick. You gotta be a little bit crazy to do the job I do. Some areas we were mowing on, there were ridges with several hundred meters of dropp-off both sides. Yes ridge roading. Learning to turn a large work truck around on a dime and point it the other way! Awesome views and scenery though. Just breathtaking.

A farmer kindly gave me a go-bike. It sits low on the ground and operates similar to a pulled go-kart. I'm going to give it to my older grandchildren to have some fun on....heh,heh.

Time's up. Must go. Until next time. L,L & B's.

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