Today is August 20, 2018
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Life's A Script. by Amanda22Jane
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Dismal Weather.
June 12, 2018

The penny has just dropped. My slow-moving brain has just clicked into realization mode.
I CAN write on the correct date for my side of the world on and it will still go through the feed. (Duh.) Homer Simpson -if he was real- would be splitting his sides laughing at how slow/dumb I am.

"Hahahaha! That so damned random! I thought I was thick, but this chick takes the cake! Hahahaha!"
Laughs Homer Simpson rolling around on his couch holding his big tummy and pointing at me.

(Shut up Homer. You're the King of Doh!!)

"Yeah shut up dad," says Bart. "You can't even turn on an ipad.

(Thanks Bart my pal.)

Arranged via phone for a three month renewal of my meds which the nurse can arrange. So, the medical centre reception desk pops you through to the nurses bay where the line was busy. So you leave a message. But not any old message folks. It is a message that they tell you what to say and it's a lot to remember!
I present ye nurses bay phone messaging instructions for thine repeat bloody scripts!

"You have reached the nurses station and there is nobody available to take your call right now. Please leave your name, contact phone number, date of birth and a list of all your presription items that you currently are on. Please speak clearly to avoid mistakes. Repeat prescriptions usually take up to 48 hours to clear and you can pick up your script at reception the following day. Thankyou."

Now I ask you. Is that not? a bloody lot of info to remember? Plus the message beeps comes up quickly and you gotta start pumping out that information pronto. Well I did my best but nurse Glenys rang me back (which was very kind of her), and went over my list again with me as I'd forgotten Atorvastatin and Respigen, plus she could hardly hear my message on voicemail. Apparently nurse Glenys said I need my annual medical review. That means a doctor's appointment. Ah shit. More money. More anxiety. Probably another doctor's scolding for me. I hate this.

Anyway. Script is ready to pick up today. Wow. That's quick. I'll ask TMF if he can come over and transport me across town. He lives not far from my medical centre.
It's another dismal weather day today. There is constant rain and I can't walk about town in it. I've no umbrella either. Keep losing the damnable things!
Last week was beautiful weather though.

Nurse Glenys also told me that I need a medical review. Phew! She never mentioned my diabetes clinic. I'm avoiding it. I don't want to get prodded, poked and my arm painfully squeezed by that damnable blood pressure cuff. Fuck it's excruciating.

I'm sorry but us New Zealanders are famous for avoiding doctors' surgeries and self-discharge ourselves from hospitals. And it's not about the money either. A lot of us just don't like this kind of stuff. Dentists run a very close second.

I'll come clean. I do runners from hospital. I have a history of doing this which isn't quite the same as a's MY WAY of self-discharging. Just run away.
Every time I go to hospital now I have to have either a security guard or a snitchy care assistant who'll tell security on me if I try to do a runner. Not pleased about these arrangements. Police also have power to nab me and drag - yes drag - me back to hospital too. Dammit.

Dekkie slept really well and for a long time.
We both were up just after five o'clock this morning to have our breakfasts. I did some dishes and cleaning in kitchen plus cleaned around kitten's food area and litter tray in the bathroom then we went back to bed at seven and both slept through to 11!

I'll take Dekkie-Decks out across town in the truck today. TMF doesn't mind her.

"Just don't cry and whine please when that cat scratchez or bites you."
(TMF to me. Middle finger to him.)

Back later. Best get dressed. Head and back hurt like hell. I'll act like the poster image of perfect health when I visit the medical centre. I refuse to be poked, squeezed and prodded!

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