Today is February 20, 2019
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Life's A Script. by Amanda22Jane
July 2018

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Having Second Thoughts..And Third Thoughts...
July 11, 2018

...and fourth and fifth thoughts about zipping up my journals and zipping off.

I am still learning how to make healthy decisions based on healthy reasons and not deciding on the dubious strength of emotional upheaval and unwellness in my head. Furthermore it's all about acceptance of the social media status quo.

It has been really challenging to write the last few entries as Dekkie is usually hanging around my phone charger which is barely functioning because she has chewed the shit out of it. Gotten to the stage where it is not safe for me to leave anything electrical plugged in when the kitten is awake. She has laid into the charger as a chewing toy when I have left it lying around but not plugged in. (More is the case : when will I learn not to keep doing this?)

I'm constantly using the same hand I type with to push Dekker away from the live charger or pick her up and put her away from it until she stops ; at least a dozen repeats and she thinks this is a rough-and-tumble game! Oowww! I got so cross because she bit me so hard that I smacked her on the bum! It really fucken hurts me her rough-housing play.

The Male Friend let me use some of his electrician's tape today to wrap around the five places on the charging cable where a certain little set of sharp teeth have nearly bitten through it...aye Dekkie you naughty monkey!!

I need to have my phone plugged in on charge when I go online now because my phone sim is loaded to its maximum point now. I need to look into getting a SD card priced and transfer several gigs over to that in order to preserve my phone's battery life and allow my phone's natural functions to work faster.
(a pure miracle should THAT happen because it hasn't ever from the time i first purchased it.)

well i got to eat... it is tuesday evening 10th july - 18:27 p.m. auckland new zealand time...back soon to finish.

i don't like physically chastising animals but i now have a very intelligent and subdued kitten cuddling up on me now. a smack on the bum worked. my granddaughter is not going to be happy about this...if i tell her i.e.
Dekker the little cat is nearly five months old IS five months old.

19:33 p.m. back online @ again to finish up my entry for this day.

TMF (the male friend) came round to mine just before lunch and we got started on reviewing our prices for the two tender applications that needed to be submitted by 5 p.m. It has taken us the rest of the day up until the deadline to settle our agreed prices. We had a karakia (Maori word for prayer) as a way of starting out on this task, and things were going well. Dropped into the copy centre and got our documents off TMF's email and printed out in hard copy.


I got a small amount of cash for helping out with this document and took a lunch break to shop for my beef and vegetable broth. I've just finished a large bowl of it and a simple dessert of basmati rice (absorption method cooking) with cold stewed rhubarb. Fresh is best. So good and now I'm a little too full. This broth works for me fighting off walking pneumonia. My ribs and upper back have stopped hurting so much. Now I'm waiting for my breathing to my Respigen inhaler.

After Lunchtime.

TMF and myself started the final stage of filling out the forms with the agreed prices. The operative word written here is 'agreed'...fuck...what a fight we had. It was fortunate we didn't go to the town library because we would've both got kicked out for shouting and arguing.
He is one fucken stubborn, pig-headed and money-grabbing individual!
During this particular fight I told him so! What is the whole point of spending an entire five hours on prices just for him to renege as I was writing up the final agreed list, and sending a message to the two clients that we are self-sabotaging, shoot-oneself-in-the-foot business people??
The price discrepancy NOW sticks out like a sore thumb on the list!! It is one tendered price item - yes - for a three year vegetation spraying round and I bloody well know it is an exorbitant amount he is charging for that item.
Fucken hell...he just doesn't get it. Male pride is what it is.
I don't know why I bother...what a fight to remember though...I finally got through to him though...still he wouldn't bring the price down. I'm going to write how much over the recommended price it is...more than ten thousand dollars. (idiot)

"God? Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot TMF's lack of foresight and bullheadedness, the courage to change the things I learn to say my piece then let go...and the wisdom to know the that my right fist may never EVER connect with my male friend's stubborn jaw!!"

We get back to the copy centre just in time before closing to have the printed out documents scanned and attached to the reply email and the damnable emails wouldn't send. This has happened before. Midnight is not here yet. The clients fortunately do accept after hour emails because of technical glitches as long as the receiving time in their inboxes says before midnight of the deadline day.

I took Dekkie with us up town after lunch. She escaped from the truck and took off. I managed to catch her after a few minutes. Flamin' little brat. I approach cooing her she stays still then runs when I reach out for her...repeat this until I'm almost swearing at her.

What a day.
Glad it's over.

Miss my grandkids. Fret for them daily.

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