Today is May 23, 2019
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Life's A Script. by Amanda22Jane
August 2018

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A Beautiful Day.
August 10, 2018

woke up to superb late winter sunshine and dry grounds at nine o'clock this morning. dekkie shot off out the door as soon as i opened it for st. bernadine who arrived in good time to help with my dear old neighbour A's housecleaning project. we made a good team and got through a fair bit more. st. bernadine helped me in the kitchen. it's a slow-moving project because this is a tiny, compact home which hasn't been cleaned in years...we are all getting there. it was wonderful to have st. bernadine and R. as a team to work alongside and i get a real buzz and thrill out of seeing transformation. granted, it requires a bit of elbow grease but hey the end results are the reward. it's a wonderful blessing to give my ailing body a workout. i learnt something today about cleaning and which can also relate to other areas of life. some jobs which we thought would take forever, didn't. and some jobs that we thought would be making fast work of took a long time to do. and yet other jobs we accurately predicted the amount of time spent on them due much to previous cleaning experience.

this is a kind of spiritual work for me as my church i belong to lds or mormons place spiritual benefits on service to others. it keep me humble and my soul delights in service projects. i'm sticking this out to the end too.
R. shouted me and st. bernadine lunch today at st. bernadine's mum's business. soooo scrumptious and divine! i had a banoffie jumbo donut with ALL the trimmings and a two scoop two flavours icecream tub. this food is prepared on the premises and sold fresh every day. it was divine. it is not the first time i have had this delicious food and i cannot stop once i start eating it! not until it's all gone....yummy food and so good. just writing about it makes me want some more. yum yum yum...can't wait until the next time and i get to sample this delectable treat food. if i was rich i'd hike it out to their shop and eat it every day.

i have showered and texted important replies and i'm especially glad that i got to correspond via facebook messenger to contendor yesterday. they are always on my heart my precious grandchildren. always.

well. i need to give dekkie extra cuddles for fulfilling a big responsibility by watching over our old man Sandy today outdoors ; A's large red tomcat. he is LOVING it being outside after fours years of captivity. he doean't go far. today he gave R. a viscious bite on her hand when she showed him how to use his litter tray. oh my goodness. he got a bloody good spank alright. i called him a little shit yesterday when he scratched me twice on the face. i picked Sandy up to cuddle and kissies him...oh fuck...wrong thing to do. he has a very mean aggressive streak in him. there is still a swollen lump on the left side of my forehead above my eyebrow because he belted me one as he clawed me. the rest of my scratched face is fine, just the lump needs to go down. not as swollen today though which is good.

tmf came round last night for half an hour to talk business and we always conduct these business meetings in his a bad week.

i haven't had a wine free week as i intended, however, i had one bottle only instead of several. so i have done well. to me, that's improvement. a little less booze in me each eeek is a good thing and consuming no booze is even better.

all for now. dekkie and knitting, then meds, prayers and bed await.

po mari e. goodnight from new zealand.

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