Today is June 20, 2019
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Life's A Script. by Amanda22Jane
August 2018

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A Cold Friday Indoors. (More About Kisses).
August 24, 2018

it's friday again.
the sun is shining.
i am lying in bed writing my entry.

Dekkie-decks has taken off outdoors, protesting loudly as she exited the house, because i wouldn't let her go sooner than i did. that cat thinks she's got it hard! aye!? not so young feline. you're in heaven and you don't know it.

A Word For Dekkie ~ abt. Kisses ♥

you never met Kisses did you Dekkie-decks? he was one tiny animal, straight from the street gutter and a starving set of walking kitten bones. when my daughter handed him out the window to me, it took everything i had to not cry. he was completely emaciated and at least seven weeks old but not much bigger than a four week old baby kitten. he was so tiny. i loved him immediately. i put him in my car with a sock blanket and took him out food. precious baby. i managed to be able to afford good vet care and medication too. i think TMF's mum might've helped out too.

precious boy cat Kisses was. he healed and was a magnificent white cat with patched black. not a very big sized adult cat but he was a decent size but smallish. his deformities as an adult cat gave him character and grace. he was feral and a little fierce by nature yet i loved him... but i abandoned him Dekkie... he spent too much time outside and at other peoples' homes and i was drinking every day. soon i could no longer afford to keep Kisses and he made his home with another human who loved him more than this active pisshead could. i have only recently sought forgiveness... forgiveness is coming very slowly Dekkie. you are the only cat i have loved the most. you are the only cat i have cared for who is not black and white... this is painful...Dekkie has finally got her adult colouring. the black and grey tabby stripes and dots have turned to ordinary-looking tortoiseshell...i'm a bit sad and disappointed by that but never mind. you are still a very pretty cat.

this place, where i live, is such an idyllic place for animals. especially cats. there's plenty of gardens, trees, fences & other cats to play with. i might sit outside for a while today but i'm unsure.

i got hounded by a stupid lovesick old idiot who lives nearby. i told him to get real, i'm not interested in him that way and to piss off because he wouldn't leave. he is another asshole that makes life more difficult for me whenever he gets the opportunity.
Sad Sack 73 who lives up the road had to go to court yesterday. i saw that coming a year ago. it's finally happened. another old fool with no sense of boundaries. well his son just showed Sad Sack 73 (a cantankerous old coot), a very tough life boundary : a courtroom. if he goes to jail at 73 years of age...i don't care. it's his lesson to learn. he did not listen to any of us - his then friends? maybe he'll listen to a court judge...the very bottomline problem SS73 has going for him is this : he thinks he's above the law and above reproach. he doesn't understand the word 'humility'. sad.

i am very cold, tired & hungry. i had three large and gently fried eggs with hot baked beans in tomato sauce for dinner last night plus a large packet of chicken flavoured potato crisps. that's all i ate.

i'll see if the male friend will take me up to the bakery so i can get a meat pie. steak and pepper pies are my favourite. we love our pies here. every bakery shop carries them as well as supermarkets and dairies. i might get a chicken pie too. they are very filling but one isn't enough.

it is more correct, that i have gained seven kilos of weight over the past year of 2018, (not 15 kilos as i first wrote here), because of regular wine intake and being an addict : 3-5 bottles over a two day period is not an unusual binge.
i'm happy to notice that i have lost nearly one and a half kilos since taking up regular exercise and helping with that big clean at A's place.

i need to stop drinking. i will try from today until next friday.

i need to get up out of bloody bed today and take a shower and brush my hair. cooking would be good too.
first i'll text tmf because pies are easier than cooking, and i'll take it from there.

more later.
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