Today is July 16, 2019
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Life's A Script. by Amanda22Jane
September 2018

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Sleeping Day.
September 14, 2018

it's 19:04 p.m. on this weekend's friday night here in n.z.

i've eaten well today as a result of having the food pushed into me in hospital. in e.d. you get nice sammies. i had ham & mustard ones and cheese & pineapple ones. they don't usually serve cooked dinners but sammies were fine by me.

so today for breakfast i had two bananas and a crisp sweet red apple. bananas were large ones as i need the potassium but the apple was smallish as i cannot overdo the sugar being type 2 diabetic.
then for lunch i had a feed of toast with whipped butter and plum jam spread as well as Marmite spread for its B vitamins.

then i've just had more toast and loads of water to toxin flush and hydrate.

Dekkie got an even worse belting today by Sandy, so i've finally spanked him on the butt with a folded newspaper. i scolded him too. Dekkie screamed and there was a hell of a noise outside the front door. i thought Sandy had killed her!!

well she is cuddling me as i write.
i've not heard from my family up north but hey. it will be okay.

going to eat more, take meds and sleep until tomorrow. i'm incredibly tired today.

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