Today is May 23, 2019
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Life's A Script. by Amanda22Jane
October 2018

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The Correct MJ Monday Day...
October 1, 2018

...which is today and also tonight in NZ @ 21:24 pm.

it's been a day of having to forego everything that i planned to do as i have tooth nerve pain (& need to do something about it asap), plus i'm heavily fatigued and have spent the entire day in bed.

today's schedule looked like this :

vet clinic visit to discuss Dekkie's spay surgery.
AMH&AS-RSS visit to change/cancel addictions therapy appointment. (reschedule)
N's place @ 10:00 a.m. with R. to help out with cleaning/further gardening.
Outreach meal @ 16:30 - 17:30.
Home again to work on art/knitting projects.

Fatigue and pain won. I accomplished very little sleep as I kept being interrupted from sleeping by visitors.
So annoying. They weren't to know let alone understand my fatigue condition.
I have two luncheons this week too as well as what wasn't accomplished today. I'll get there...somehow.

Nothing else of note except for my two cats going through drawn out "adjustment issues" involving hostility and trying to belt each other with their paws and growling. They are both only cat pets to a single owner household and therefore indulged, spoilt stupid and quite clever. Dekkie tries to stop Sandy coming inside our little place so Sandy does it to her! Paws and claws lash out at each other too and Dekkie hisses. Very soon? I will soundly spank the pair of them if they do not give up this territorial squabble.

Dekkie asleep in her usual spot : on top of me and Sandy asleep in his usual spot beside the bed on a bean bag.

Supper, meds and sleep soon.

Those who celebrate Halloween here in New Zealand certainly go all out. Parties and trick'o'treating is great fun. We don't really carve real pumpkins though. Fire and safety hazard putting candles or lights inside them. Pumpkins are best carved up and eaten. Roasted is best..yum! SmileSmileSmile
Just pumpkin art using the non-organic variety of mediums.


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