Today is May 19, 2019
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Life's A Script. by Amanda22Jane
October 2018

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At The End Of The Day.
October 6, 2018

it's been a long day today. parts of my day, i have enjoyed. parts of my day, i haven't liked at all.

Sandy boy's owner, A., is dying. it is so sad. she will be the eighth person to pass away in this complex since i moved here in March, 2017.

i finally got to see her after lunch, and this is how it happened :

R. came and picked up what was left of A's belongings from her next door unit this morning. it was all the heavy furniture and she brought several wonderful gentleman round with a moving trailer. they got the job done in half an hour! i thought, well that was that, but no.

a few hours later, R. came back and told me A. was dying in the resthome, & she wanted to take our Sandy boy to visit his owner, A. to say goodbye.
i started to cry as we loaded the old ginger tom into a pet cage. he was such a good trouble at all. R. distracted me from crying by chatting all the way to the resthome. i had the pet cage on my lap with a very docile Sandy in it.
when we got to the resthome and i carried Sandy inside to A's room, i broke down and cried again. A. is 80 years old and she is almost gone. while i was there with R. and A's daughter B. Sandy was a very, very excellently behaved cat. this visit was for A. and Sandy cat to say goodbye. he knew who A. was but at first he was nervous because A. has changed and i think it bewildered him a little but after that he was juuust fine.

(mind you i took Sandy cat up to the copshop the other day and he was once again a very, very excellently behaved boy. he's a very social cat. almost dog-like really and so placid. one of the detectives kicked him outside on the street to wait for me there. i don't like that detective very much. what a nerve. i thought my Sandy had run off. crikey. they could train Sandy to sniff out drugs or something! he is THAT CLEVER.)

i haven't heard back from R. she has my mobile phone #, and she said she'd let me know if there are any changes for A., including her passing away.
it is 22:38 p.m. Akld, NZ, Time so i don't think R. will remit me a message at this late hour, but most definitely tomorrow.

goodnight, po mari e, buona notte.

...And The Weekend Continues.

it's 10:05 a.m. on a bright, warm and sunny Saturday here in NZ, and i have slept well due to my meds in my circulatory system. meds these days are almost 100% reliable, trustworthy and healthful. don't i love that. i do. i didn't get to sleep until 02:00 a.m. but that is okay. my sleep was restful, sound and deep.

i appreciate sleep, good food, long and hot showers, clean and orderly surroundings, great company, well-kept gardens, content-&-happy pets, interesting and fulfilling activities, mindful-&-skilful therapy, money enough to live on, a reasonably functioning body.

i am grateful ; extremely grateful for those things listed above.

the following things i love :

my adoptive siblings, my neices and nephews, myself, Dekker and Sandy, my grandchildren, flowers, books, art, incredible sex, love from others, loving others, being around people, being on my own, the fight against child abuse, politics, my God, His Church, religion, charity and community work, and a few more things which i don't have the time or strength to add to this list.

my nephew is in a respite home for a few days to sleep. this is a good thing. their meals get cooked for them and the respite service homes under the district health boards are free. it's part of the public mental health system. i'm glad he is not in ED because they release you any time there.

i'm not in as much pain as i was yesterday -Friday- so i don't think i'll go to ED. if the pain gets really bad, i'll have no choice but to go.

karma knows my brother's ass when it comes to his children...unbelievable.
with that adoptive asshole brother (whom i miraculously still care about, but care for my nephew FAR MORE) it's either "his way or the highway" with his children. he simply reeks of the goon factor. punk-ass. yes i'm still pissed off with that brother. royally.

if and when i get out of bed, i will do the dishes in stages, go over the lounge and tiny lobby carpet and do a load or two of laundry.
the sun is beautiful, so i need to sit under it today.
i may continue work on my art and knitting projects too.

nearly finished Il Postino - A. Skarmeta and will carry on with The Overlook - M. Connolly. Have also started another novel too : The Sentimentalists - J. Skibsrud. so i have plenty to get on with in the form of entertainment too.
i also have a huge stack of back issue newspapers : The NZ Herald & The Waikato Times, both of which i love reading. also a host of subsidiary magazines that come with the newspapers mentioned as well.

i'm tired again and hungry, so i will take care of both issues now. tooth nerves throbbing a bit.

last night, i could hear a Lambourghini screaming around town and it came as close to me as the nearest roundabout which isn't that far from me. shit those cars can move.
hope it didn't get pulled up by the cops. NoNoShaking headShaking headNoNo

more later...

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