Today is June 18, 2019
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Life's A Script. by Amanda22Jane
October 2018

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Cool Rain.
October 11, 2018

i have a wooonderful recipe now for eggplant parmigiana! i adore aubergines, they are my favourite exotic vegetali. mm-m! molto grazi W♥!

i got drunk yesterday. eating and sleeping today. had wholemeal pancakes with whipped cream and sliced, fresh banana chunks last night for a late supper. shared this meal with a friend (male) who enjoyed them too.

we -this brand new male friend and me -, are having coffee together tomorrow with the rest of our little group of artists. he is an artist too. a painter. one of his works is a mural on the side of a business property up town. he's pretty darn good. i think he likes me. i like him but i need to tell him that i would just like to be a friend. met his dad today. lovely men. hope he likes our coffee group.

B. the only other male who attends our artists coffee group, is unable to attend now, as he is very busy finishing the build on his final rental property here, & he also has wedding preparations happening at the same time! A Summer wedding. Nice. don't think i'm invited.Crying (very sad)

after i finish writing and reading here, i will cook the remaining pancake batter up and have them with bananas and the rest of the whipped cream.
amended @ 22:15 p.m. anzt : i did in fact spread blackcurrant jam over the light, fluffy piping hot pancakes, then slathered on whipped cream & fresh, thick slices of banana. i even had one drenched in lemon juice, sprinkled over with brown sugar, then whipped cream. maple syrup and whipped cream is excellent along with a natural vanilla bean icecream scoop as a pancake dessert.

(i know something else that i'd like to slather whipped cream onto and lick/eat it off.) mm-m!

i don't know why i got annoyed with T. i think it was because i felt like he was being confrontive with me over my alcohol addiction. i was hoping for a little more kindness and understanding on his part. (i used shouty capitals when texting him.) sorry baby.

i'm still titrating off wine. down to two bottles this week....from five bottles, the first week i started...reducing by one bottle a week. next week is one bottle of wine then the following week?.....0. Zero bottles. scary thought...but GOOD scary.

cool rain this afternoon at 15:19 p.m. anzt and i am so hot, that i just have a stretch cotton camisole on and trackpants. the rain is welcome these days, as the sun shines hotter and dries out the garden beds faster. it may just be one very, very hot summer this year.

anyhow, the cats are doing very well. both of them are food obsessed. i caught Little Miss Dekkie gobbling up Sandy mitten's portion of fresh raw beef, then jumping up on the fridge to eat her own. (that was yesterday.) what a naughty thing to do! i gave Sandy mitten some more after she took off outdoors.

Dekkie is an expert tree climber and she just scoots up the huge tree in front of our unit. she climbs very high and frightens the wee birds off the branches. job done, she then scoots back down again to the ground.

i saw her give Sandy a very miffed look the other day. it was priceless! made me laugh. they have taken to blocking each other's entry into the kitchen where their food is. gosh they're naughty. i scold them alright.

well i've only eaten one and a half salad sandwiches today and gulped down a creamy soy hot chocolate, so i must must eat now. pancakes, here i come!

postscript :

i miss my beautiful grandkids so very much. i haven't seen Little Mojo since he was seven months old. he was two this July just day soon i will let the floodgates up and weep like no tomorrow for them.

until tomorrow...apopo...ka ki te ano.
aroha mai.

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