Today is May 23, 2019
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Life's A Script. by Amanda22Jane
October 2018

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After Dinner Gripes From Kiwiland.
October 29, 2018

oh my godfathers! i am in so much pain here at the moment. my ribs ache and my entire back, left lumbar and my neck are hurting so bad. my right forearm muscle is aching too and i have sciatica in my left lumbar and hip down to my knee. this sciatica pain was with me all day yesterday as well. at least i do not have a headache today that is adding to the crippling. really need some cannibas or Tramadol right now. i might exercise and see if that helps.

there is an empty real estate land section that has been empty for as long as i've lived in this complex, and it is on the other side of our boundary fence. the neighbourhood cats used it as their playground and napped among the grass, weeds and wildflowers. someone has bought it recently, a pole-rammer has been active for the third or fourth day, for hours at a time, ramming huge twenty-foot fucking p0les into the ground! today the ground shaking with every machine pound just about sent my head into the netherworld of insanity. i am in prolonged severe pain plus fatigue and i wanted to run across the lawn and jump the fence and shove the fucking foreman's head under the pole-rammer. they have only just finished work and that was at seven o'clock. pissed me off.
i may lay a complaint to local council. this is pure inconsiderate bullshit.

plus!... our November Summer intro thunderstorms are here early. they started today and will continue for at least a week...if not longer.

i've been going through menopause hot flushes and PMS shit even though i barely menstruate thanks to this 5-year IUD coil to stop me from bleeding out. the only side-effect is that i get regular hormonal imbalances now i'm into the ending of my fifth year. this coil has got to come out by December/January.

and to top it all off...after morning cuddles, the cats have decided it is an-every-man-for-himself day! they have been in to eat, drink, doze and that's it. they have both stayed away from me since lunchtime...a bottle of forty-year-old whisky and a loaded .22 seem like a tantalizingly good solutuon right now...

...then i find a beautiful vase of flowers outside my front door when i wake up. beautiful. life is written all over them. the pain is easing as i write. good........and................

Lunchtime In Kiwiland.

it is now 12:38 p.m. Auckland New Zealand Time here in Aotearoa, New Zealand : Land Of The Long White Cloud and little brown flightless birds known as Kiwis. Kiwis are shy birds.

i have just finished making my lunch, which is the dish that i was meant to have yesterday : a green vegetable and basmati rice dish. it smells delicious but i wanted to write up my entry before i eat. yesterday, i had my second avocado with Eta Uppercuts Corn Tapas Quinoa & Chia Seeds flavour. it was a delicious light lunch and my motivation to cook yesterday was too low that i never got the vege-and-rice dish done. i will eat my fill of it today.

i am not very well atm. tired and heavily fatigued now since thursday. been sleeping more hours than being awake for two of those four days in order to balance out the fatigue. i cooked lunch today on top of the fatigue and didn't enjoy the activity, though i got the job done which is the main thing.

hopefully, i can knit today while in bed, then shower, brush my hair and dress for The Outreach meal tonight. i missed last week, so i really want to attend tonight.

i kept Dekkie-decks indoors all of yesterday because of inclement weather and i did not want the bath-fight issue with her again. she seeks the comfort of our clean, warm and dry bed when she is soiled with mud, soaking wet and bedraggled and i will not have her inside in THAT SORRY STATE! so it is a fight to get her clean and soothe her while doing so. she is outside atm, but Sandy-mitten cat is curled up beside me on his bean bag dozing. A lot of sleeping, napping and dozing goes on in this little home between the cats and their human mistress ; enough to outrival Sleeping Beauty! ROFL

i'm giving the cats small snack meal portions now several times a day because they are wasting food if i leave a large meal-sized portion twice a day. i've thrown out enough food already to learn that they are both snacker-cats and i am just wasting what little income i get. i hate wasting anything. i simply cannot afford to in more ways than one...

i had best get some food in my tummy. only had water and a chai latte. Avalanche foods do a lovely premixed chai latte sachet which comes in packs of ten sachets for $4.00 which is great value all round! i've been buying their hot chocolate range now for a year-and-a-half.

nothing further to write about...oh wait...i do remember now the artwork notes i wrote on the pad that was stolen from my bag out of my home last week but not the dreams.

i'm back to trusting no-one i know here in town...NOBODY.

FTS!!!!! to eat and breathe calm and serene thoughts and actions. mindfulness while eating is good practice too (Thanks River Queen for teaching me this.)

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