Today is April 22, 2019
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Life's A Script. by Amanda22Jane
November 2018

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I Am Very Sick.
November 8, 2018

got the flu from the drastic change in seasons. Summer has just banged itself into our laps now. my flu started off with a very sore throat then a head cold and now it is in my chest. i'm coughing and wheezing today too. yesterday was pretty bad as well but today i'm achey. i'd best have my Respigen inhaler at some point. and a nice warm shower as it is freezing today. it was very hot all night and right up to daybreak then it turned cold, grey and overcast.

Dekkie is very naughty now for me when i groom her. she nips me, growls and howls like i am killing her. then when i stop because she won't shut up, she jumps down from the table and belts Sandy. yes! she takes her grooming frustration out on him! Sandy mitten-cat is excellent for his grooming. he enjoys being combed. i comb his short fur the wrong way to remove even more loose fur and his coat is softening now. he has quite a coarse coat but i think he's just carrying around years of dirt in his fur. i ain't givin' him a bath. he'll rip me to shreds. he is a very large cat...bigger than the small doggies that live in this neighbourhood. if they come onto our property to explore Sandy gives them the short shift. i yell at him tho' to leave them alone. he can be a bully to other cats smaller than him and little dogs.

we barely have a flea problem. one or two fleas at the most now per groom. i don't like chemical flea control. big doggies no problem. cats and little doggies - no!
i think i used to treat Sprinkles with flea drops. he was a cute little dog - chihuahua/fox terrier cross - a very small dog. i miss Sprinkles.

just reading today. the cats have swapped their sleeping places : Dekkie on bean bag asleep right now and Sandy is curled up asleep at the end of the bed.

i could sneak off to have my shower because both cats come into the bathroom and wait for me to finish showering. i don't know why. as soon as i turn the shower off and get out, they both leave. i don't really need their supervising skills.

i have lemonade to make today. the lemon tree has hundreds of lemons. a good crop. much better than last year. i also have rhubarb to stew too. the male friend said he will come by tonight and take me grocery shopping and my sister deposited $20.00 in my account this morning.

she gets up at 05:30-06:00 a.m. most days for work. there is a fair bit of travel involved on a weekly basis with her job. she gets reimbursed for gas/mileage.
but this early morning start and late finishing usually around 18:30-19:00 p.m. is making her tired and she has been doing this new job description now for a year only. two of my adoptive sisters are librarians or information systems managers, but this sister is out of the library offices now and travels. she has been promoted to visiting every library they've got in that super city and she has a lot of staff to manage and convene meetings. her job also takes her to Wellington. if you get a job involving travel your place of employ pays for it.

the house next door is going up incredibly quickly now. less joking and fooling around and more work! good. i like seeing results.

Sandy is still losing weight even though i still feed them four snack meals daily. the cat door is looking shabby now that new glass is in. i must clean it and give it a rest over Summer. it'll end up breaking too because Sandy is heavy. he does use the door if i tell him to and leave it standing open on fine days.

i'm sore and achey and my head is hurting now so i'll finish.

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