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Life: She is Beautiful by lexy
March 2017
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6Too Much Adulting (and Too Much Damn Weight!)

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Too Much Adulting (and Too Much Damn Weight!)
March 6, 2017


I cannot believe how much time I let pass since my last entry. I guess my mornings have been busy. I did sleep in over the weekend days and it was lovely!

I am appalled that my weight is now up to 158.2! I am up more!! UGH!!

It was Frank and my 7-year dating anniversary on Saturday so big food was had - Brie and cracker, Veuve champagne, Filet mignon with rapini and mac & cheese,and even a slice of red velvet cake for dessert! Delish!

Last night was a lower calorie but very high sodium meal... perhaps some of this regained weight this morning is water. A girl can hope.

I'm also totally ready for the week in terms of food prep being 98% done and a daily plan for exercise. Now to commit to the process. Smile I have to weight out for this Diet Bet on the 14th and have a couple of pounds to lose of I lose my $25!

The down side of that is that I spent nearly all of Sunday meal planning, food shopping,and food prepping and neglected getting ready for group tonight or starting to advertise the next grocery tours my students are doing. Must do these things today...

Frank and I also adulted really hard yesterday. We opened an investment account outside of our work ones, we decided on life insurance policies, and we had our taxes done - or the paperwork dropped with out accountant anyways. Rough day but such necessary things...

Eh not much else to say. Gonna make it a great week!

Gratitude List

1. I am fully capable of winning this Diet Bet

2. Frank and I are doing what we need to in order to ensure we have a better retirement and can continue to live comfortably after one of us goes (not morbid, inevitable).

3. The trip to see family in 2 weeks is planned! Yay!!
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