Today is March 20, 2019
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Opensource2 SCRIBE. by Amanda22Jane
August 2018

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Jurassic World Life Lesson.
August 10, 2018

there was a scene in jurassic world where the dinosaur trainer was working with the main solo dinosaur character, named Blue.

the trainer did an exercise with Blue's species of dinosaur, where he kept putting his head into his hands and assuming a vulnerable position of feeling sad and low.

(the dinosaur trainer used a term for this but i can't remember it. i also cannot remember whether it was just Blue the trainer was working with or another of the species as well?)

the first time he did it Blue's species attacked him. the second time the trainer assumed that same position, he got a very empathetic and positive response from Blue's species. a very moving and powerful exercise in so-called primal capability of dinosaurs.

i was thinking. this elects to draw a direct parallel to humans who are also capable of exactly the same responses in Blue the dinosaur's species. just thinking.

Addicted To Writing.

My name is Amanda~Jane and I'm an alcoholic-addict.
it has been a good day and the blessings have just kept flowing. i helped out on a service project and listened to a rap artist's music, then visited a friend in the neighbourhood.

i would like to think that this is the sum total of a clean and sober day for myself...but not so.

a member of the bishopric brought me round a fridge/freezer just before dinner. i tried hard not to cry. it is a very special fridge. the New Zealand Mormon Temple is closed for renovation for 3 years and the temple accommodation is also closed for renovation. that is where the appliance comes from. i am so grateful and blessed.

in my head? i am sorting and identifying mental problems left, right and centre. it is a matter of mindful practice. i can only deal with one thing at a time and i accept that.
indeed this is humbling. in typical addict fashion i want everything sorted yesterday.

life is as life does and as i am on the receiving end of this i have but two directions to choose from : face whatever happens or fold and be buried alive. i choose today, the first option.

thanks for listening.

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