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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
April 2016
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April 2, 2016



1. The Universe is just and an ideal perfection beyond understanding, karmic law and reincarnation of good and bad karma is perfectly just....

REFUTATION: If the Universe is "beyond understanding" it cannot be understood as an "ideal perfection" or anything else...

If Karmic law is perfect: then if it self-contradicts by ordering imperfect elements and people according to its laws that are imperfect; then it cannot be said to be

ordering everything perfectly. A perfect law would be immutable and impossible to violate.

The idea that the ego-choices of an entity would manipulate the whole universe to visit karma upon it, is absurd. The universe determines beings and their choices,

its processes and cohesion. Also it seems more true that an infinite amount of beings are living the lives of all other beings to an infinite level, simultaneous

and linearly.

2. The Universe has teleological aspects:

The existence of Maya has to do with a paradox in the Nature of Nothingness: If you get rid of everything, (even infinity and eternity) then Nothingness is all you have

left. (Infinity X 0 =0) But If Nothing alone Is, then because it is absent of all qualities, then its "Is'ness" must be in the nature of an illusion... Thus Nothingness

lends to Itself the Illusion of its own existence, and thus accounts for the existence of illusion: Infinitely Contextualized, Relativized, Non-Substantiality.

Also because Nothing has no real qualities it must negate the Illusion of Its Own Existence, and thus the existence of illusion:

Infinitely De-Contextualized, De-Relativized, Non-Substantiality.... As soon as everything becomes amorphous and ceases to be defined by Infinite relation and context,

it all vanishes into Nothing, which is what it always was, its existence being an Illusion: Maya.

Also Infinite context and relation implies an infinite amount of categories of being and non-being: in infinite combination through transformational synthesis and

multiplicity... Thus an infinite amount of realities would exist and non-exist (including earth life) without any kind of creative intelligence being necessary:

(Gods, Goddesses, God, etc.) There is no meaning beyond this, as meaning would constrain infinity to its parameters.

Nature is benign:

Nature is based in parasitism and exploitation, and uses all cruelty, sadism, and mercilessness to sate its ends. This is seen in human life and nature as well, and

creates the suffering of existence. The beauty of nature is a kind of glamour or illusion that hides this fact from living beings, and maybe from nature herself/itself.

Although anthropomorphic interpretations of nature and life are probably wrong.

Buddhism really is just pure meditation like Zen or Chan, writings are just meant to accompany contemplation...



I have not written an essay for awhile, so I decided to write one on the subject of Karma and Reincarnation. I spent half my life believing in this but eventually

I rejected it. For a change, I am going to write this essay from the perspective of "Light and Love," Spiritual Consciousness. This is a challenge for me, due to

my orientation towards ontological nihilism; as well as the fact that I am much more scientifically astute than I used to be, but only on a layman's level.

I became skeptical of Karma, while studying the works of Manley P. Hall. He died decades ago, but he wrote his Magnum Opus: "The Secret Teachings Of All Ages" when he

was only 27 years old. He was a genius, so I took what he had to say seriously. On Reincarnation and Karma he was *totally* dogmatic, he regarded them as facts, and not

as theories or opinions. At first, I had a perverse desire to prove the billions of Hindus and Buddhists wrong, just to see if I could. Whether I have succeeded in

having done this though, is a matter of opinion. So let me enumerate my objections:

1. Most people who believe in Karma and Reincarnation say that the Universe is an Ideal Perfection, but that it is beyond human understanding. Many say that God and his

ways are both perfect and incomprehensible. If something is incomprehensible however it cannot be comprehended as anything; least of all with anthropomorphic

assumptions. That which is incomprehensible whether God or the Universe, is unknowable. So when you say that God and the Universe are: "ideal," "loving" or "perfect"

you are making an assumption and comprehension out of something you just stated to be incomprehensible. But I will play along, we can say for the sake of argument that

God and the Universe are Good.

2. The other "sticking point" is the silly idea that a "perfect law" can be violated; and that "bad karma" results. It is my view that laws that even that are close to

perfect cannot be violated. If you jump out of a plane without a parachute at a high altitude over the Sahara Desert, you will be killed when you hit the ground. This

law is nearly perfect and cannot be changed. If it were perfect even a parachute would not matter, you would die, but this is not true. If you sit under 12 feet of

water in a swimming pool for 45 minutes you will die. But this rule is only almost perfect, because masters of Hatha Yoga can actually do this, and it has been proven

on old shows like "That's Incredible" and so forth. Of course there is a small chance that the TV show faked the stunt, and I am wrong. The point is, is that saying

a law is perfect is far from an easy matter.

So you could say that if Karma and the Universal Order personified a Perfect Law; there would be no violators to transgress upon It's Perfection; because they would be

Ordered Infallibly; by the law of Infallible; Universal Order. This is only philosophically consistent. Also there would be no need for the hypothetical idea of

"Spiritual Evolution," if the totality, or even possibly the Godhead itself, were perfect. But I will play along and say at least that God and the Universe are loving

and good.

3. Also it is now theorized by many physicists that the Past, Present, and Future, and everything in them are simultaneous in the 4th dimension and exist all at once,

and only in 3D do you see things in a linear fashion. e.g. 4D would be like a whole movie-reel of film that has the Past, Present, and Future, of the plot and all

characters and all that happens to them in all of their environments at once; and 3D would be like seeing it all unfold frame-by-frame on a movie screen. In

a movie the future seems like an uncreated surprise when it appears in the present on the screen, but it was always on the reel in 4D the whole time.

If this is true there is no free-will to be ascribed to anything because everything is in-phase in Space and Time; and in order for all of it to hold together nobody

and nothing can step out of its prearranged fusion of form and function with all else. If anything does, the whole tapestry becomes unravelled. Just imagine

what would happen if molecules just went all crazy whenever they felt like it, it would all become chaos. If molecules are interrelated and act according to

necessity rather than free will, why should we assume we are any different?

If Nature, God, and the Universe are benign; it could be that the finite is involving us as all things and the infinite is evolving us as all things and vice-versa.

This would mean that Nature, The Universe, and the Godhead, along with us and all things, represent a coeval Spiral of Consciousness that is slowly but inexoribly

moving to Higher and Higher Levels of Conscious Identity. This would seem to me that everyone would be destroyed and recreated from life to life, and souls would

not be exempt from this process, or be immutable. Infinite Consummation Of All Things is a Mystery about which nothing can be said.

Thus reincarnation and karma to me are like folk beliefs, but not really likely as being true.


This is an essay on the forms of economic warfare, that we will almost inevitably see in the future. These methods have existed for a very long time, and are instruments of

not just economic destruction; but the total political destruction of states and societies. I will enemerate some of the methods below:

1. Wage/Profit Dissmulation: Money is the gate keeper of goods and services and holds them hostage. Therefore money is the real source of wealth. The purchasing power of

currency must have a 'use value' to pay for the manufacturing of raw materials and the cost of labor: (i.e. Maintaining people at their given class levels) The rest of

the purchasing power of currency is 'surplus value', which is the safe level at which profit can be obtained by the owners of the means and distribution of production:

(corporations and the corporate class) Let's say that the 'use value' of the political economy is 25%, and the 'surplus value' of the economy is 75%. The 25% maintains

social and economic stability, and the 75% is the safe level of profit. To bring a society down like this; is to manipulate the greed of bankers and corporations and also

falsify data where the level of profit obtained will eat into the 25% 'use value' of the political economy as much as possible. This will jettisen and gut the financial base

that maintains social stability, and create economic and political chaos and most likely bring down the government.

2. Creating Hyperinflation: The way banks make money is by getting corporations and societies as a whole to consume more money than they can pay back, which is done by

circulating money in excess of their 'Gross Domestic Product;' making it impossible through societal and corporate economic production to repay the debt. If the GDP cannot

keep up with currency consumption, there is not enough productivity or profit to repay any loans. A very careful cap has to be kept on this to keep the system stable.

Another way to bring down a society is to flood it with counterfeit currency in a huge amount. This will make money as plentiful as toilet paper and thus its value will

go down to almost nothing. This will force the banking and corporate class to raise prices beyond what anyone can afford. Worthless currency combined with high prices

nobody can pay will crash the economy and likely bring down the government. This is another form of economic warfare we may see in the future.

3. Creating Disinvestment: This is taking the financial instruments of a country(s), (e.g. those of real estate, stocks, bonds, currency, etc.) and dumping them on their

respective markets as worthless; not even bothering to try to sell them. This will cause a huge panic of disinvestment in all of these financial systems, and any country that

suffers this disinvestment in all of their prospective markets will have them all become valueless; and the country attacked like this will suffer a total financial meltdown

of all of their investment artifacts causing their economies (and likely governments) to crash. This is another method that has been used.

The effectiveness of these methods to some degree depends on the size of the political entity in question. For example, it would be easier to make these attacks successful if

the political entities were very small states; like Israel and the Vatican City-State, rather than large states, like China or the USA, who have huge lines of credit. Large

states can be taken down this way though, in that the whole global financial system will take hits from the resulting instability and every country will try to foist the loss

on any state other than themselves. This blowback can cause the whole set of schemes to work even on large nations, and bring them down.

All of these systems have been used in the past to create and destroy states and economies, and comprise some of the secrets of 'esoteric' banking. Their use in the

future will probably be quite inevitable.

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