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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
April 2016
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April 3, 2016

Notes On The War Of Western Culture Against The Jews.

1. By the middle 18th Century Jewish financiers had figured out a sustainable system of economy based on Wage/Profit Co-efficients: Where the surplus wealth of a society

could be obtained through profit; and the rest of the wealth used to sustain the class structures and institutions of European society, including a new and rising

Middle Class of merchants and traders.

2. Rothschild dumped all of the French instruments of wealth: stocks, bonds, currencies, etc. on their respective markets as "worthless," to create a run of panic,

and then shorted these instruments/markets so that when the French economy collapsed all of its wealth would go into his pocket. The same was done in Europe as a whole,

where "agitators" whipped-up the starving masses and their decimated economy to create the French Revolution of 1789.

3. There are two major powers now: One based in the Vatican and aligned with "The Trilateral Commission" that wants a totalitarian theocracy based on Plutocracy

combined with Catholicism as the mandatory State religion.

The other power is International Financial Zionism and the British Establishment. They are aligned with "Council On Foreign Relations" and "World Federalists" and they

want a totalitarian socialist state based on scientism and atheism.

This is the a-albionic hypothesis, which seems after all to be correct.


This is an essay representing the future economic trends of the world. It is merely a matter of my own opinion, and others may not agree. That is fine, in that this is

theoretical; but based on a very high level of probability. The last change of the economic world order came with the collapse of the feudal order; brought about by the

manipulation/devaluation of financial instruments in monarchist nations, (done on purpose) to create a panic in the markets where massive disinvestments in them

(e.g. currency, stocks, bonds, etc.) resulted in total economic destruction. The Catholic Church and Monarchies collapsed, and democratic revolutions which really were

nothing more than replacing the feudal order with the Ceasarism Of Money, took their place. after 1789 C.E. the Monarchies either got in bed with the corporate state, or

they were economically destroyed.

Since then we have lived under either State Capitalism, (Socialism or Communism, where the state controls corporations) or Corporate Capitalism, (Where the corporations and

banks control the state) Communism and Socialism have waned, and Capitalism has grown into a huge monolith of domination of the world. Understanding what Capitalism is, is

complicated, but I will try to make it as simple as possible. The first idea, is that money is the sole gatekeeper for goods and services. You cannot get goods and services

without it. The reality is that goods and services have value, and money is worthless paper. But since money holds goods and services hostage, a "bait and switch" occurs.

Since you cannot get goods and services except through money, and money alone, this makes goods and services worthless and money worth everything, as the sole repository

of wealth. Thus money represents a paper inductor of value in the political economy.

The trick is to determine the "use value" of money's purchasing power: Let's say it is 25%. This is the amount of purchasing power required to pay for labor and raw material

extraction and to keep everyone going at their various class levels, from proletarian to rich. Then you have to determine the "capitance value" of the purchasing power of

money: Lets say it is 75%. This represents the "surplus value" in the political economy which is the excess wealth created by economic production, and the level at which you

can safely set a profit level without destroying the system economically. Thus a profit level of 75% is a safe level. Then you make prices higher than wages at a level of 75%.

Thus the owners of the means of production and distribution, (corporate fatcats) obtain 75% of the wealth of the economy and use it to appropriate all wealth and dominate the

whole society. There is one problem with this model though, and that is the banks. Since money is the sole repositor of wealth; if banks lend a whole society money in excess

of a societie's "gross domestic profit," the society will consume more money than it can make up for in productivity, and this will cause huge patterns of debt and default in

the whole society in terms of its economic system. Thus forelosures, banking services, and interest will be leached from the society, from individual debts to businesses.

The "fly in the ointment" of this, is that the corporations gets socked with debt to the banks, and could lose everything. The solution to this, is an economic version of the

"Warsaw Pact" between Hitler and Stalin. The banks get about 60% of the "surplus value" of the society, and the corporations get around 40%. Theoretically, in a Communist

system there should be no banking for profit, but the Soviet Union during their revolution obtained huge debts from banks that loaned them money. The Russian Communists had

a huge "War debt" for money for weapons as well as debt to get their economy off of the ground. This went on until Stalin flung off these debts when the Soviet Union had

sufficient military strength as a defense against against the countries resort to arms; when their banks had their debts defaulted on by the Russians.

Now we move on to the current crisis. Other than North Korea, you do not have any more real "State Capitalist" systems, where the State is the only Capitalist, thus Communist.

Most societies are Capitalist, with some mixed economic models that also include very frayed "social insurance systems" like underfunded welfare schemes, as well as

pensions like Social Security in the USA, and Medicare. The economies of the world, (especially the USA) are now at the level of "Laissez-Faire Capitalism," not seen since

the Great Depression, and all of their systems are falling apart. People increasingly in the Middle Class are either being forced to climb up the ladder into the top 3% of

the population: (Those who make $100,000 a year net, or have a net value of $350,000, in the USA) or fall into destitution, losing their homes to foreclosure and adding their

numbers to the working poor or proletariat, and collecting slave wages at best.... These models of economic degeneration represent the triumph of Capitalism at

being its own grave-digger. The middle class will be gone soon, and they are the highest demographic of those who purchase moderately priced goods. This represents the

primary driving engine of Capitalist economy. When you have people who are either rich and buying luxury goods, or poor and buying only staples to survive, there will not

be enough investment in the Capitalist system to prevent its total collapse, along with the government. (Indebted to-the-eyeballs to the banks, being loaned more money than it

can pay back in tax revenues) Worse still, those of moderate means will save their money and not spend it, thus exacerbating the consumer economy, and all of these factors

together, virtually killing it and turning into a economy of mere subsistence. The relations and modes of production in Capitalist societies of the "first world" are geared

towards a consumer economy; an economy of subsistance will create huge overproduction of unpurchased goods, and erratic patterns in the way everything is distributed: e.g.

Too much stuff delivered rotting away on store shelves in one place, and not enough delivered goods in another.

The Capitalist system has eaten away at "use value co-efficients" which are the basis of its survival, because its greed is infinite, and "surplus value" is no longer enough.

This will throw millions of angry, enraged, desperate people into the streets, in riots and uprisings, attempted insurgencies, and civil wars between the "haves and have nots."

This will in no means just be a crisis in the USA, but a global crisis without a solution. Nations will go to war to funnel away domestically violent people, and fight each

other for dwindling resources, like metals, minerals, and oil, to fix their economies and stop the uprisings at home. The prosperous will lose everything in the insuing

martial law, as banks and corporations and all of their assets will be seized by the government, in the name of stablizing the chaos. The lessons of interdependence, learned

too late. As a growing underclass that passes critical mass, will tear away the levels above by depriving it of labor to produce anything, when it becomes clear that they are

going to starve whether they work or not... Nations will go to war, and once biological weapons are unleashed on a large scale in a small nation: e.g. Israel, there will be

massive nuclear retaliation and war and that will be the end of it.

It is possible that even if the best system of global socialism were put in place, it may already be too late.


Black holes have no real mass at the center, the highest

mass is at the event horizon. At the center mass and energy

reach higher levels than the connective principles of any

particle can withstand, and they extrapolate into 4D creating

a wormhole or singularity. Smashing lead ions at your

current level may not yield the results you want. You may

want to increase the KeV level up higher... Creating a

wormhole that is only 4D at the entry and exit points will

not necessarily produce anything, as nothing of anomalous

interest may happen between the wormhole connecting two

different universes, it could just be a non-trivial portal

that already exists anyway.

What matters more than the singularity is the mass and energy

of its background aspects: which would be the anti-matter

version of the event-horizon. Here you could create and

sustain an inter-dimensional plane where the 4D wormholes

would exist in every particle, opening up whole new

4D universe. The strangelet aspects would just be sucked

back into the anti-matter entropic realm.

Even if you created a vacuum decay that singularized all

matter and energy, collapsing space and time and ending the

universe, there would be a backup simulacra of the last

Universe in the background radiation which has mass and

energy still left over.

You need to discuss the idea of smashing radioactive

particles of maybe Cesium, Plutonium, and Uranium that

have been engineered to be at a half-life state of

radioactive decay. Smashing these particles could lead to

better results....

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