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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
April 2016
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26The Myth Of SRA, Psychotronics, And The Global Reality Grid

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The Myth Of SRA, Psychotronics, And The Global Reality Grid
April 26, 2016


This is an essay I wanted to write on the topic of Satanic Ritual Abuse. There was a time when I thought that this myth was true. Back in the 1980s, you had scores of

people that said that they has been programmed and abused by Satanic cults, and subjected to all manners of torture and sexual degradation. Then in the late 1990's or so

you had a document that was called: "The Greenbaum Speech" by R. D. Corydon Hammond that got very heavily into "government psycho-hypnotic programming," and seemed to

bounce back and forth between "government" involvement with and without organized "Satanic Networks." At the time a lot of this seemed really credible, but after years

of research I am convinced that the Satanic networks and Satanists supposedly involved in stuff, do not exist, and never have existed. Lots of us were duped actually,

while the real perpetrators: (Like The Catholic Church) stayed in the shadows and unsuspected. In truth MK-ULTRA mind control and 'Project Monarch' are Black Projects

that are active and that exist on a global level, not just in the US government. Also when I penned the appendix here; I over-emphasized American involvement, which was

inaccurate. These DARK OPS projects are being worked on by many countries, such as Sweden and also Russia has had long experience in psychotronics. Also the US

government has for the last few decades, used what you could call "corporate intelligence" or various "front-organizations" with lots of insulation or "chinese boxes"

that shrink down into each other. They also do not write anything down, so proving any kind of government involvement by the US government is impossible. Also

impossible to know is to the degree that 'non-state actors' control the research, and that very often can be considerable... So the government in this ingenius way

can actually really be innocent of "crimes against humanity." Also it seems to me unlikely that the whole Federal Government could be complicit, it is more likely

'rogue' elements in various agencies that are involved.

One organization that has been proven to be involved is the Catholic Church. The reason for this, is that the discovery of the mind control and exotic attributes of

the Maser and later developments, happened exclusively at Catholic Universities, and was bankrolled by Vatican Fronts. So Catholic scientists and even clergy with

technical abilities got in on the ground floor..... Another thing that has surfaced over time are the psycho-hypnotically induced 'screen memories' that are planted

in victims of mind control, so they will remember and say things that are not credible. Stories that they have been "abducted by aliens," or "ritually abused" by

"devil worshippers" will make their stories ridiculous on the face of it.

This however did not happen with the false memories of Satanic Ritual Abuse. They spread like wildfire amongst certain very exitable groups like "born again" Christians

and kooks on the fringe.... Even Hammond was fooled by the 'Satanic' screen memories he encountered.

Also my research has been involved in trying to find these pervasive "satanic networks" that supposedly are everywhere. Well, I never found them.

Also in the 1970s and 1980s I was heavily involved in the Occult Underground in Los Angeles CA. Even at the most insane levels I found individual Satanists that did

weird things, and some La Vey type groups full of harmless people, but I never encountered anything that could be called a 'sinister group.' Not even One....

There was individuals I heard about that were killing animals, but I never tracked them down either. If I had, I would have reported them to the armed faction of the

Humane Society. You would think that if hysterical Christians were right, that you would have massive arrests, or huge exposures on the Net about it.

You do not, because gigantic 'Satanic networks' do not exist. Embarassing for me, because I once believed in them.


"Gyrotron Resonance Masers" are being misused on domestic populations with the seeming tacit consent of Federal law enforcement. It could be FBI "Counterintelligence Division 5" or some other branch of the government with tech. help from CIA or NSA. Masers are frequency weapons that use "extremely low-frequency electromagnetic waves," "ELF's;" to interface with the neuronal clusters in the brain, to translate them into cybernetic analogs of conscious and subconscious neurosynaptic communication. By this means the entire concious and subconscious contents of a person's mind and psyche, can be uploaded and downloaded into a computer and sent back into the subject's brain. The mind control aspects of this are obvious, in that dream sequences, messages, and hallucinations can be entrained into the person's mind to program them, or "ELF"'s" can be used to saturate the peritol lobe and create auditory hallucinations, or "Psychic Driving" to drive somebody insane with repetitions of
sentences and messages that go on all day as a form of torture. Also possible via ELF's is being able to molecularly change the bio or neuro-chemistry of the blood to a blood volume of lets say 15%, to a drug by changing the blood molecules to the molecules of that drug, and then change the drug molecules back to blood molecules, therein "cleaning" the drug out of the body. People can be poisoned this way, drugged, or have needed medicines taken out of their blood. Torture with "Psychic Driving" via ELF's repeating the same phrases or music 'over-and-over' can also be done with microwaves that impinge on the auditory nerves to create "audiograms" that can be heard just as audibly inside the head as the "psychic driving" torture via "ELF"'s. Also infrasound at low vibrational densities can program the psyche via bio-morphic communications via cellular memory and manipulate emotional structures. The psyche can be emotionally programmed in this way, negative and painful emotio
ns entrained in a subject/victim at will, and other uses of evoking various emotions for mind control purposes. You can partition the brain synapses with ELF's like partitioning a computer, and program subdivisions of the brain, and at the same time create subdivisions of the psyche: "Multiple Personalities" with biomorphic programming with low infrasound, and then use high infrasound to program the amnesiac barriers between "alter personalities" with "crypto-hypotic code," to regulate "alter" functioning as well as keep people from using hypnosis to get into the "alter systems" of the programmed person. Also infrasound and microwaves at thermal levels can torture people at the high level, by hitting nerves in the body where it can feel like your body and/or eyes are being cut with knives, or low infrasound and microwaves at thermal levels will cause sensations of burning or burn the skin. Also the Catholic Church is involved in all of this, and is misusing maser techology o
n kids for purposes of exploitation, (of which the media has stories in abundance and also the reasons why the Catholic Church has paid out millions to victims of clergy abuse) and also the Catholic Church is involved in the punative aspects of this program in the USA to punish political dissidents. (Redacted) are involved in this. They have been maser torturing me for almost a year, and identified themselves to me via 'synthetic telepathy' as a licensing requirement. This misuse of masers on domestic populations for purposes of programming and torture is an egregious violation of human rights and must be ended. For me and others, I hope it is ended soon. This article is public domain, please reproduce to e-lists with as many people as possible.

Dear Russian Orthodox Church Patriarchy, The Catholic Church in the USA and Europe, (and I am sure world-wide) has a huge child molestation network in it. They use drugs, masers, and hypnosis to create "multiple personalities" in children; some of these "alter personalities" are programmed through hypnosis and torture to become sex-slaves for perverted and criminal priests, bishops, and cardinals, and then they are reprogrammed back into "normal alters" with amnesia where the kids do not recall the sexual abuse. This is by no means an anomoly, but in fact is sanctioned at the highest levels of the Vatican and constantly covered up. The reason why there have not been any new cases of child molestation in the media in the USA lately, is due to the use of mind control and hypnotic amnesia being induced in the kids where they will not be able to recall the abuse. If my friend (Redacted)does not not object, (and if he still has copies of my e-mails) he can go to (Redacted) subject
and also on masers, (which the Catholic Church also uses in mind-control of kids) and send them to you. The Catholic Church is also involved in human and child sex trafficking and they are involved in the buying and selling of kids, and also adults in "underground" slave auctions, where innocent victims of this both children and adults, are pimped out for money, brutalized, and exploited. Russian kids and vulnerable adults are at grave risk by the Catholic Church in your midst; and you should pressure President Putin to close down all the Catholic Churches, and expel the priests, bishops, and arch-bishops from Russia and it's territories. I was tortured with masers and programmed by the "Catholic Mind-Control Experts" to stop writing on the Internet, and they de-patterned me and programmed me to become a Catholic in 2007. In 2009 they made the torture and programming worse to try to program me to become a homosexual sex-slave for (Redacted)
and who will be exposed in due course if (Redacted) forwards you my e-mails on this subject, or if anyone else chooses to do so. The kids in Russia are at grave risk from the Catholic Church there, and it took intense will-power to break enough of my programming to fortunately stop the perverted Cardinals' homosexual aims against me from being realized. My Grandmother was Russian, and I am 25% Russian and have always taken a deep and affectionate interest in Russia, which I consider to be my Spiritual Homeland… I hope everyone of interest will act on this information as soon as possible, and e-mail all relavant entities and authorities in Russia to put a stop to the predatory aims of the Catholic Church in Russia, and in the City Of Los Angeles, California USA
which is where I live.

Masers Are frequency weapons and also can be used to heal. They can alter molecules in the blood to change their substance. i.e. They can turn your blood volume into a

drug by changing the molecules of that drug, (let's say at a blood volume of 15%) and then can change the molecules back to blood.

The main frequencies are low infrasound which is concusive or expansive on an organism, and high infrasound, which is above the sound spectrum and can have laser-like effects.

The psychotronic aspect is extremely low-frequency waves; ELF's, that penetrate and interrelate with the neuronal clusters in the brain; and translate them into cybernetic

analogs of conscious and subconsious neurosynaptic communication.

Masers can also modulate microwaves at the thermal and sub-thermal levels. Sub-thermal microwaves are used for "Psychic Driving" and "voice-in-head" torture by impinging on the

auditory nerves. ELF's create the same torture by saturating the periolital lobe. There is also a multidemensional aspect that relates to quantum mechanics; in that varying

syn-wave modulations of ELF's; (ultra and infrasonics etc.) seem to bypass the fractalization thershold of 3D, and go into 4D by

some unknown process and vice-versa.

The frequencies go through the neutron of the atom into 4D and back into 3D, as well as the entropic domain of both dimensions

theough the multidimensional correlate of dark matter and dark energy; that is the qualitative inheirential attraction of the singularization principle of quantum physics.

They also resonate to the "psychosociogenic 4D matrix" in 4D, and enter into the "morphotagenic field" through the 4D intercommunicative structure in this field, even though the

"morphitogenic field " is in its substance basically biomorphic communications in 3D.

Through these modalities described, it is possible to create multiple personalities by partitioning the synapses in the brain with harmonic resonances via ELF's, to create separate channels

for "alters," as well as as create "alters" via biomorphic communication through cellular memory; with microwaves and ultrasonic penetration.

This creates the "alters" and the modes through which they are created and programmed, as well as disassociative amnesic states between "alters" that contain the "crypto-hypnotic code" that regulates the "alters"

functioning, and that prevents anyone from penetrating into the MPD/DID system. The old system of "narco-hypnosis" and torture to create "multiple personalities" seems to have been

replaced by maser programming and torture to create monarch slaves..... The Catholic Church has a symbiosis with the American National Security apparatus, so they are heavily involved.

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