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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
August 2016
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Quod Est Verum?
August 5, 2016

What is Truth, and why does it matter? What is Spirit really, and why does it inspire religions? What are religions, and why are what they have to say important?

There is no objective answer to these questions. In my younger years, I was enamoured of what could be called: "Spirit." But now, outside of whatever sociological,

anthropological, or scientific insights that can be gleaned from religions and spirituality; I fail to see anything of value in it. As an improver of the world,

religions and spirituality are a huge failure. If nobody took these ideas seriously, a huge reason for conflict, and hypocrisy in the face of greed and cruelty would

be removed. Rationalization killed. People would have to look in the mirror, and see how vile they really were; with no god to condemn, and no devil to blame. I am

spiritually dead, and I do not miss it at all. I do not need religions, gods, spirits, or God. I do not need the spirit-hucksters of the New Age Movement, or the

backstabbing silliness of the neo-pagan movement.

I have though, a Mind Of Fire: I can create an infinite number phantasmagoria in my inner worlds. Horrific devils of terrible visage, with blazing fangs and eyes;

vomiting excrement, and it is all good... There are serpents of green and violet flame, huge in vast galactic suns of darkness. I embrace the Infinite Mind Of Illusion.

Who am I, I am the last to know. As Richard Cavendish said: "spirit is nought but this matter deranged."

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