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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
August 2016
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Geo-Narcissism Or Geo-Politics?
August 6, 2016

The USA *will* go nuclear with Russia, but not due to geopolitics.... It will be due to the fact that Russia and Russians are superior in every respect to the USA and

Americans; and that is something that cannot be tolerated. It is an odd attribute of the American psyche, that it is incapable of appreciating anything outside of its

myopic, materialistic, and narrow purview: e.g. On the one hand the superiority of anything or anyone that is not American cannot be consciously acknowledged. But the

superiority of anyone outside is duly noted; and a sentence of death and destruction must be visited upon anyone or anything that has the impertinence to be better. This

is what lies at the root or American hostility towards Russia. Putin shakes his head, and does not see this, he does not understand the reasons for all the aggression.

But the final truth of the American, World-Destroying Geo-Narcissistic Complex; is that if there is any world that has countries that are better than America in anything,

then that world has to be destroyed, and America must die too, so the memory of the USA will be extirpated in regards to having been 'Bested' or proven as inferior. No

America or Americans left, no shame to be endured..... It is testament to the stupidity of the world, that the world should end as a result of an "imperialistic temper-

tantrum" of declining world power, but that seems to be the case..... And so what???

The reason why I would lament the end of the world, is that the nukes may fall before I get to check on my tweets. Also I will never get the chance to see what Snookie

or the Kardashians would have been doing if the world had not ended, and that would be worse than the world ending..... Also how could I deal with missing TMZ

or catching the latest song from Drake? It would be horrible if the world ended now, when there is so much to live for......

We First Worlders, live in a ghetto of the soul..... Our minds are hollowed wastes, our sensibilities cannot worship mediocrity enough. When we end it will not be a

tragedy, it will be a "Mercy Killing!" So Bring It On!

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