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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
August 2016
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28The Greatness Of George Soros
29Russia May Have Lost Its Chance To Survive

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George Soros Website
August 7, 2016

George Soros


Based on what Soros says, Russia may have an interest in the destabilization of Ukraine as well as eventually the Baltic States as well as Turkey; to create chaos in

Capital markets that could crash the Euro, and destroy the EU. This would divert world Capital flows to Russian Markets mostly, and put Russia in an ascendant position

over the global economy. All Putin has to do is to destabilize as many NATO countries by whatever means; using both military and economic warfare.... The attempted coup

by the USA in Turkey, was to create managed chaos, and control the results so Russia could not exploit the situation..... These types of machinations create huge

geopolitical threats that include the precipitation of military conflicts, all over Eurasia and closer to Western Europe, so it is easy to see that this would create

huge paranoia on the part of NATO, which is why they are creating a nuclear balkanization around Russia. China jumping in would be worse. NATO is no good, but is takes

two to tango, and Russia is not totally blameless either. The USA will never allow China to reject using the dollar as their reserve currency; and will cause China's

attempts as financial independence to fail. This will create an alignment between Russia and China that will make war with USA inevitable.
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