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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
August 2016
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"Refusenikism!" The Means To A New World!
August 9, 2016

"Refusenikism," is the ideal protest philosophy of the millennial generation.... To some degree they are doing it already. But it is really the only really valid form

of protest at the present time. It is too soon to mount a guerrilla war against the State to establish a Socialist society; because to do this you have to have the masses

behind you, but this will not do.... Armed insurrections will interfere with Reality TV, celebrity tweets, and seeing what is up with the Kardashians.... No, it is not

time for armed revolt.... According to Mao's theory of "Peoples War," revolution is not possible in First World Nations like the USA, because the masses have not been

driven to it yet. It is only possible in the destitution of the Third World; things are bad enough there thanks to the benevolent regime of global capitalism, that they

are the only ones ready to fight a revolution by force of arms.... So what are people in the First World to do if they are Communist, other than hang out in espresso

shops and debate Marxist theory? Well, we can start by following in the Zen tradition of the millennials, just a few tweeks, and you will have the perfect form of

passive-aggressive revolt that will bring capitalism to its knees... So what is to be done?

Be "Refuseniks!"

"Be a patriotic and productive citizen!"

"Don' Wanna!"

"Go get a job."

"I would rather live with my parents."

"Support the troops!"

"With what?"

"You must respect the institutions of society."

"What institutions?"

"Go out and vote!"

"A lot of good that did Bernie huh?"

"Vote for Hillary!"

"She's old!!"

"You must care about the issues!"


"How come all you millennials like Socialism?

"We want free stuff!" "The rich get more than they work for!"

"You really need a work ethic!"

"My parents worked all their lives and they don't have anything, why should I?"

"Get motivated, you must engage life!"

"What is life? It's a distraction from social media!

"You are the future. What kind of world would you like to live in?"

"One without you bugging me... Oh yeah, one with more weed!"

This is revolution. These youngsters must keep it up, they will save the rest of us!!!

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