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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
August 2016
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George Soros Philanthropic Organizations
August 12, 2016

Below is information on George Soros Philanthropic Foundations. I am generally very skeptical of billionaires who create foundations that makes them look like they

*pretend to care* when really their foundations mostly exist to shelter their considerable fortunes from taxes. But Soros seems to be doing some good work here. I tend

to lean these days on the idea of technocracy, and using scientific methods to plan and design a society. The scientific method can be applied to any set of systems

including social organization. Advanced Artificial Intelligence could even redesign not just societies, but humanity itself.... It is time to end banks circulating

currency to co-opt the valuations of goods and services; and then circulating money in excess of the GNP: to cause the society to use more currency than its productive

economic base can pay for to create debt throughout the society, that the banks can exploit with interests and foreclosures. Also using wage/profit co-efficients to

use purchasing power differentials; to funnel the surplus value of production into profit for the holders of corporate ownership needs to end. The only excuse for such a

scheme would be in a state capitalist system where the state would be the only capitalist, and after meeting government expenses, the profit would be reinvested in

society. I lean towards communist technocracy, but the open society idea of Soros proposes a mixed society plan with socialistic institutions to help the disenfranchised

(both public and private sector) along with more limited capitalism. Soros sees the "Free Market Idea" that regulates itself as a superstition, which is what it is. That

is all.

Open Society Foundations

Voices Of Poverty

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