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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
August 2016
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In Regards To Jason Unruhe At Maoist Rebel News....
August 16, 2016

Maoist Rebel News

Expensive suits, fine cigars, Jason does not look like a Third World Revolutionary to me. I live well below the poverty line, I could not afford to buy a suit like that,

or even the cigars. I must admit, I am filled with "class envy" looking at Jason. He is so..... what would you call it? Bourgeois? Jason is a genius and much

smarter than most of his critics, but I must say, that his position on things is hypocritical. This guy obviously lives "high-off-the-hog" upper-middle-class at the very

least. He is not even really qualified to speak for the urban proletariat of the First World, much less the "super-exploited masses" of the Third World.... Most poor

people in first world countries, and even half of the American population now, makes 30K a year and under. Even by American standards, Jason would be seen as affluent.

Normally I would not have a problem with this, if it wasn't for a lot of the foolish ideas he has about Americans. First of all to say; that even the poorest Americans

are bourgeois exploiters of the Third World, and deserve what they get.... This is really stupid. In this first place Jason is from Canada, and has no idea how bad it

really is to be poor in the United States. It is miserable, torturous, and dehumanizing. I am white/Jewish. If I were black or brown skinned, it would be even worse.

I really do not need some upper-middle class "pretender to Third World struggles" who is rich compared to me, telling me that I am not a victim, that I deserve to suffer

because I am in the First World. The working classes and the poor in the USA are not responsible for Third World exploitation, perpetuated by US Corporations. The reason

for this is because they do not even know about it, or know it exists. All they know is that their jobs are being outsourced overseas.... The working classes are to be

blamed for "not becoming revolutionaries?" Good luck.... Try going against the police, the FBI, the NSA, the CIA and the Justice Department; see where you end up. Most

working class people are not revolutionaries, because they are uneducated, and have virtually no idea how to create a revolution. They would not understand Marxist

theory, even if they read it.... Americans are basically apolitical. Their idea of politics comes from the dis informational idiots at MSNBC and Fox News. There is a very

strong current of anti-intellectualism in the United States. Even college graduates are only knowledgeable about their areas of specialization, and know almost nothing

about anything else. It takes lots of leisure-time to have time to read enough books to know what is involved in a revolution, and leisure time is something most people

do not have. Between work, media circuses, and distractions from problems, most Americans do not have the opportunity to learn how to come up with their own ideas and

think for themselves.... And the few people that are educated politically, are too few to make any difference. See this link:


The government has this at their disposal....

Scroll through April or May at my blog here and read my article on "Unconventional Weapons."

Revolutionaries are not as smart as the Jason Scholars, and the geniuses that work in elite "think tanks" like RAND and so forth.

They know how to circumvent revolution in the First World; by creating a mixed economy with programs like Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Medicare, just the

bear minimum of what it takes to dampen potential massive strikes and revolution; by keeping the poor at manageable levels. The rest is taken care of through

incarceration, and extra-legal repression. Now that half the population is making less than $30,000 a year, they may have a *real* problem, but they are ready for that

too. They can unleash the whole military against the US population, fight against guerrilla warfare, use exotic weapons, and round up everyone and put them in

concentration camps.... They will execute everyone who has ever been pegged as a troublemaker through the 'existing all-pervasive surveillance' at once. They can seize

all food and water and starve people into submission. Let's say that by some miracle the revolution succeeds anyway, and you now have the "Jason States Of America."

The JSA. They will instantly deactivate the US nuclear arsenal, so it cannot be used. Then they will have the United Nations army invade the USA and start a new war.

The American revolutionaries will be tired from the revolution, the UN troops will be freshly fed and watered. Countries will be rewarded for participating. You will

have the hundreds of thousands of troops from every NATO country invading the USA.... They will have a nuclear option, the JSA will not, so the JSA will lose. The JSA

could ask the Chinese and Russians for help, but then the JSA will end up being colonized by them instead.....

If you want to change society, I have already posted options in my blog: "The End Of Work" and "Slacktavism Manifesto."

Passive-Aggressive tactics like work slow-downs and dropping out of society can yield concessions from the existing corporate base.

Social Revolution can be gradualistic.... Refusing to use money and bartering, crowd sourcing on the Web, and using digital currencies when more viable ones than Bitcoin

become available.

Changing your mentality....

The best one would be to make friends with Billionaires that veer Left, like George Soros and get pillars of the Establishment on your side.

The Russian Revolution was funded by wealthy Americans and Europeans, that wanted the Communist State to free up into the banking system money that the Czar was hoarding.

There are factions of the Elite Wealthy Zionists and the British; that want a World Socialist State based on Technocracy and a Scientific World View. Religion and

Plutocracy would be gone or very minimized and good riddance to both... They are called World Federalists, and George Bush is a member.

There are other factions that want Global Plutocracy, Domestic Repression, and forced conversion to the Catholic Church. They are the Vatican and the global Plutocrats.

These Elites veer Far Right. Side with the Left Elites. These are the only two options that exist. Soros does a lot to try to help the Third World, but only so much can

be done, because their are other Elites that resist what he wants to do.

Jason can play act being a revolutionary, the reality of what that would entail is something else again.

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