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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
August 2016
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Hillary As President? I Do Not Care Any Longer.......
August 19, 2016

Maybe Hillary Clinton would be better after all. Maybe she will come into power, and persecute all of the Corporate Fascist Right-Wing Republicans with legal and extra-

legal force. Maybe she will throw all of the Republicans and their propaganda people on the Internet into concentration camps.... Why would I care? She will settle the

score with all of her Right Wing Republican political enemies, and anyone among them that spoke against her. I am no Conservative, and I am at the point now, where I do

not care anymore if Hillary becomes president. Whether its her or Trump; they will probably do little or nothing to help impoverished people anyway. Let those who have

something to lose deal with it... They do not care about me, and I do not care about them. 'Bad Faith' is the essence of the American Spirit.

Capitalism is the enemy of the human spirit. It crushes and oppresses everything and squeezes them into dry rinds and rocks. Life is the same way, with the same agenda.

Exploit the exploitable.... The Tiger tears apart the faun. The capitalist exploits people as workers and rips them off as consumers, until there is nothing left.

But there are always germs, and they are our friends. A small little virus, microscopic, can sicken and take down an elephant. Is Hillary a germ? She is a depressed,

miserable, sick woman. I actually feel sorry for her now.... Not for Wasserman/Schultz and the Democratic National Convention. Especially now that they are assassinating

their critics: "Sue the DNC, your dead...." "Serve papers for an election fraud suit, your dead." "Leak damaging info about the DNC to Wikileaks, your dead." The DNC is

the Mafia, and America is a gangster state. How could anyone be surprised?

But germs can take down elephants. So for the dispossessed and the powerless; all they can do to fight back is be germs in society, be germs in the body politic, be germs

in the world. Be germs in the Universe. Take down the country, take down the world, take down the Universe, reduce it to bleached bones..... It would be a HUGE


Hate and envy is the just result of a system of things where people can suffer so bad, and lose so horribly.... So if your life is nothing but misery and poison, then by

all means; share the poison with the world. It will strengthen the destitute by awakening their hate, and poison the well-off, by infecting their minds with horror and

sickness, and rob them of their comforting illusions... Get to the kids of the bourgeois, awaken their alienation; and fill them with a hatred of all things. Turn them

not only against society, but against *life* itself; that way their Nihilism will be indestructible! Hope is a disease of the mind, kill it! It bodes only fake things,

and makes you the supplicant to everlasting futility. By all means poison the well!

There is no hope, maybe there really are no ideals. Envy and hate towards those who are better off than you, and have the temerity to lord it over you is natural.

Rejoice in their misery, give them no sympathy at all, because they would not do so for you.

Hail infinite destruction, and in the holocaust of all things, find your meaning in your expiration.

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