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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
August 2016
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The Greatness Of George Soros
August 28, 2016

Recently I was web-surfing on the Internet, trying to find articles by George Soros, or about George Soros. Mostly what I found were a bunch of ignorant screeds and

cheap shots directed at Soros; by mental midgets on the Right, like Bill O'Reilly, or lunatics like Glenn Beck. It strikes me as odd, having read several of Soro's

highly brilliant and insightful articles, that people would find him to be so threatening, and then it came to me: George Soros is not just a billionaire, he also a

genius who cares deeply about the world, and is acting to try to improve it. It is the fate of all geniuses to be misunderstood by the people and the age in which they

live. They are only understood by posterity.... There are some things that I agree with Soros on, and there are some that I don't; but I admire the lucidity and illumined

perspectives of his words, and his commitment to improve the world. He obviously spends most of his time in philanthropy, and pours his blood, sweat, and tears into his

Foundations. His idea regarding "Open Society" is based on the only working model of democracy that has a chance, which is a democracy of learning, teaching, and

participation. In these roles everybody is of equal importance. Everyone from the billionaire to the trash collector is a person of unique experience, and that has

something to contribute; if a society can be open and supportive in helping all to attain what the psychologist Maslow termed: "Self Actualization." Soros's critics

accuse him of being a leftist demagogue, but George Soros is neither Left nor Right. The ideal of "Open Society" which has not as yet been reached, is the idea that if

people are free to communicate, innovate, and participate fully in their society, then they can decide what kind of economic system that they want. Whether it is

Capitalism, Social Democracy with limited Capitalism; and an expansive Welfare State, or Socialist; that is entirely State Capitalist. If the capacity for social

actualization is given to all, there is no limit to what humans can achieve..... As much of a pessimist as I am, I do think that a great deal more could be done, and I

applaud Open Society Foundations and George Soros for working in these areas....

George Soros has a stellar mind, and a deep insight into humanity. He has rightly criticized unfettered Capitalism as being a destroyer of human aspirations and a cruel

form of social organization.... The dark days of neo-liberal Capitalism are worsening in the USA and the West as a whole. The Third World has been plunged

into greater extreme poverty, along with democidal governments. Human rights are on the wane in all countries throughout the world, and are rapidly eroding in the

United States as well. Democracy is impossible without the ideals of the Open Society. No populace can hope for freedom, if they are benighted within a state of

ignorance. Nobody can reach their potential without economic and social justice. It is these things that Open Society and George Soros endeavor to bring to the world.

George Soros has been accused of interfering in the internal affairs of state through NGO's. This is another cheap shot, festooned by the Koch brothers or Rupert

Murdock perhaps. Open Society Organizations go into societies in trouble with war, famine, civil unrest and try to help in any way that they can, they are not the

*causative* agent of these disorders. These kinds of smears are worthy of the caliber of the absurdities yelled out by Alex Jones, nothing to be taken seriously.

George Soros is at the forefront of what could be called "Human Ecology." Capitalism junks people if they do not reach the lowest watermark of economic mediocrity.

"Human Capital" is what should be most valued. The resources of human beings in what they can produce, contribute, and create, are the only things of lasting value.

And this is what Open Society Foundations and George Soros are all about.
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