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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
August 2016
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Russia May Have Lost Its Chance To Survive
August 29, 2016

Alexander Dugin started working around 16 years ago, on the ideals of creating a Eurasian Union of decentralized ethno-centric nations; based on the ideas of what can

be a kind of traditional "stateless" building of traditional communities; comprising all of the different peoples of Eurasia who have inhabited that landmass for


In this Russia would be seen as a kind of leader, helping to unite Russia along with Eurasia, (including China) along the lines of a decentralized union of independent

peoples, that would build treaties according to both shared financial, economic, and military common interests. (Geo-strategy etc.) In 2003 I wrote also about this

HERE see the links and read them, along with Dugin's You Tube. It is really disappointing

that it has taken 16 years for Russia to even *begin* to build these kinds of political/military/economic alliances, and just having built a weak alliance between

itself and China, while leaving the rest of Eurasia un-engaged is anemic at best.

The reason for this is due to Russia having had very poor and weak leadership since the fall of the Soviet Union, and unfortunately even Vladimir Putin falls into this

category. He deserves credit for having helped rebuild Russia after it was destroyed by Western Neoliberalism; but much more could have been attained, if Russia and the

rest of Eurasia had been involved in uniting together to rebuild and strengthen each other in a community of nations. Huge reserves of raw materials and human expertise

could have excelerated the process. Now BRICS has really alarmed the West, along with threatened dumping of the dollar

as the reserve currency by China and its members. BRICS is just a start though, and a weak one at best, but it is still alarming the USA, because it could potentially

undermine and collapse the US economy along with Western Europe, requiring intervention by the World Bank and the IMF, when NATO countries are transported to Third World

status. This has prompted NATO to encircle Russia and China with Nuclear weapons on land and sea, and engage in hybrid warfare with both China and Russia. The USA will

not back down from nuclear brinkmanship if faced with economic destruction along with the West as a whole, and Putin does not seem to get it. His problem is that he has

put his religion and his pacifism ahead of Russia's national interest. I am beginning to think that Putin will let Russia be overrun with NATO troops and let itself be

taken over by the United States directly, and the West indirectly, rather than go nuclear and annihilate the entire Human Race. This is too bad, because Russia is really

an Ancient Civilization, but if overrun by a young country like the USA that is still in the phase of swaggering adolescence, Russia will lose its civilization. And that

is the unkindest cut of all.

NOTE: Some of my older writings have an anti-semitic bent,
even though I am a Jew. I no longer hold these views, although I still support Palestinian Rights. The only hope for Israel is the Communist Party.

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