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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
December 2016
3Mea Culpa........
4Terror At Dawn.......
8What Poverty And Suffering Does.........
10How TOR Can Be Cracked......
11What Kind Of Political Animal Am I?
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29Random Thoughts For Years End......

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Mea Culpa........
December 3, 2016

As much as I swore up-and-down that I would *never* vote for

Hillary Clinton; I actually did vote for Hillary Clinton....

The reason I did so, was based on the idea of: "The Devil You

Know Is Better Than The Devil That You Don't Know...."

I suppose it comes to the all-too-human fear of the unknown.

I know what Hillary will do, Hillary will be and do what she

has always done..... She might go harder on the 'war angle'

with Russia, but a nuclear holocaust to end a world this bad

does not bother me. She also would go-Nixon and use all of

the intelligence agencies and the FBI to go after and

destroy all of her political enemies; e.g. Do a purge on

the white working class that voted Trump and lost her the

election, and Bernie voters, most of whom stayed home on

election day. Trump is a total unknown. I do not know what

the f**k he will do.... So there it is....
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