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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
December 2016
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What Poverty And Suffering Does.........
December 8, 2016

What poverty and suffering does, it does not ennoble you. Life and the world declare war on you, Man is cruel and indifferent. You see humanity through a lense of hatred

and align yourself with the Devil. Satan speaks and tells you that like him, you have nothing left to lose. So you become the enemy of life. Your main desire is to see

the world and the human race destroyed. If you believe in God, then you curse him.... In my case, all forms of spirituality are irrelevant. Tibetan Buddhism, X-tianity,

Judaism, Islam, are all the same to me. They are all equally piles of nonsense that are just the product of delusional thinking..... But Mind Has Its Own Fire....

You can spin phantasms of illusion with it. That to me is the essence of what can be grasped. The necessity of illusion. It is not what is true, it is what can be used.

Infinities mutating in crimson fire;;; darkened waves of violet emanation;;; Relativities of illusion;;; becoming so vast that they vanish into Nothingness..... The

head can be crazy and take you away.

Sometimes when I have dreams, I wake up at dawn and my body is vibrating like a tuning fork. I am surrounded by a silvery dead light. Then the dread comes.... And I

rush to fall back asleep again. I have a rich dream life when I sleep, it counterbalances the bleakness of my waking existence. I just want to get through my life and

then die and leave it. This is enough. Hope cannot imprison me with its lies.... I spit on hope! In my dead soul there is a small flame of darkness.... It lights the

way through misdirection. Yet I cannot choose because time is a fixed totality; the future ordains the present that creates it, and the present creates the past. And

it is fluid; the future becomes now and then instantly it is what has been.... It rushes like black torrents of screaming irony, like the mirror of self; it shatters

and yet somehow cannot find the yearned for entombment of oblivion.... But this can give you a weird strength. It gives you the power to anticipate and counter at times

the bad motives of others. There are those that hate me because I won't let them use me. That is all they want me for, they could care less about me as a person.

Should trouble come, they would be the first to leave.... Should an advantage be obtained, they would be the first to betray me, or sell me out.... I have no tolerance

for these people. I see right through them. They need me, but I don't need them. That is how it goes.....

The good part is, that I do not need to care about the world. The world belongs to the young and not the old, they will decide what to do with it. But if they are just

going to keep the long-suffering human game going, then in a great longed-for holocaust; let them just die with everyone else....

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