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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
December 2016
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How TOR Can Be Cracked......
December 10, 2016

The TOR browser with its encryption systems and random servers is a really excellent way to be private on the Net. Unfortunately, it is not foolproof, which is why I

have not bothered with it. TOR can be cracked in two ways: One way is to set up a bunch of your own TOR nodes or "bot-nets", using TOR's Network encryption system in

your computer; along with using the TOR browser. Then you have a link to the systems that link to and from all of your bot-nets. You at that point can use a sniffer and

do "Address Resolution Protocol Poisoning" (aka ARP Poisoning) to set up fake "hubs" connecting all of the TOR machines coming to and from your nodes or "bot-nets." This

is a purely structural interposition based on Net architecture, no need to de-encrypt anything.... Even if the actual machine IDs, MAC numbers, or IP addresses are

encrypted, there are still ways to set up fake hubs and link to them, as long as the systems linked to your bot-nets are sending and receiving traffic. Then you can

intercept all of the encrypted data, and then use "rainbow tables" to crack the encryption. Rainbow tables do not work on all encryption algorithms, so go to wikipedia

to read about how rainbow tables work.

The other way is to link all of your fake nodes together and create websites on some of them with controversial content. This will draw visitors to your bot-net/websites

based on whatever parameters of interest you created your fake sites to be about.... Then you can use a meta-data analyzer to target systems hitting your websites; and

then identify the systems and find out at what other TOR nodes they happen to spike at frequently to find redundant patterns and lock onto the systems that are

displaying the redundancy, that at one time linked to your fake TOR nodes/websites. Once you have locked onto the systems, you can use a sniffer like above to dump the

encrypted data, and then use rainbow tables to crack the encryption, and figure out who all these people behind TOR really are. Also the directories on the Dark Web

even though they are encrypted, sometimes have weak web-crawlers that can leak information about systems in unencrypted form, and tag users. The FBI set up fake

child pornography sites and used these techniques to catch sickos who thought that TOR would protect them..... TOR is better than nothing, but even novice hackers can

crack TOR because the exploits do not require knowledge of any programming languages...... So if you use TOR, do not assume that you are safe, because you are not...

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