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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
December 2016
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What Kind Of Political Animal Am I?
December 11, 2016

My political views are really quite odd. I could never join any political groups because I have ideas that do not fit well on the Right or Left Spectrum. Even more weird

is the fact that I have Right *and* Left Wing points of view at the same time. So I would be destined to drive pretty much everyone crazy, no matter which group I

happened to be in. So what kind of political animal am I?

1. I believe in creating a world technocratic socialist state, run by scientific experts. It would be similar to the USSR, except scientists would run the state, not

politicians like Lenin or Stalin... So I guess you could call this quasi-Communist. (Far Left)

2. For as long as the USA exists, I would like the USA to be a social democratic state like Norway. Rich people would be taxed 80% of what they earned to provide for a

huge welfare state where citizens would have a good life and would want for nothing. Work would be a creative choice, and motivation schemes and personality and

vocational tests would be provided so those who would want to work, would have employment and education opportunities through which they could achieve their highest

potential. Poverty and homelessness would not exist. (Far Left)

3. I believe that people should have the right to have any types of weapons that they would want. Including fully automatic firearms. They should also have the right to

have explosives to go blow stuff up in the desert and have fun with them. No weapons should be banned.... Federal background checks are a joke and should be discontinued.

Any lunatic or criminal can get what they want from the black market anyway. All restrictions on the use of weapons should be repealed. (Far Right)

4. I think if people decide they want to be racially separate from others they should have the right to do so. My views on this are similar to National Anarchism, where

I differ from conservative revolutionary thought; is that I am a technophile and see no hope for any improvements in the world outside of science. I no longer put any

stock in spiritual ideas; also unlike Evola I do not think that the world ever had a wellspring of spiritual tradition or a golden age. These ideas require faith and

faith is a bad thing in which to gauge reality. But if black people want a pan-African state, or white nationalists want to live racially separate, then they should

have the right to do so. Left Wingers that want to attack people because they want to force multiculturalism down their throats, need to go back and read Bakunin, because

as a Left-Anarchist he said that people with different racial backgrounds and cultures, needed to have their rights respected.... So racial separatism is OK with me.

(Far Right)

5. I do not think that Fascism is in all respects, totally wrong or without value. Fascism has left-wing roots in nationalistic forms of socialism, and even Stalin

abridged the internationalist forms of socialism, and created a socialist nation in the USSR. In National Socialist Germany, the working classes and rural people had

a very high standard of living compared to nowadays. Profit is OK in Fascism, but it is heavily regulated by the state and the workers come first. Fascism creates a

very strong state with highly motivated people, that reigns in greed, and gives people actual reasons for patriotism, unlike the vile plutocracies that are the norm in

the USA and most of the rest of the world. Real Fascism is mostly anti-capitalist, which is good. I do agree though that certain aspects of fascism are odious.

(Far Right)

6. I think that Plutocracy and Capitalism is the worst form of government ever created by mankind. I would trade Capitalism with Fascism in a new-york second.

It is just force, fraud and exploitation masquerading as law and democracy; a system of legalized crime where crime is legal for the rich and illegal for everyone else;

also it is just a system that creates laws to produce enough social cohesion so the elites can monopolize crime itself. Bakunin got heavily into these ideas...

Creating a system with a rigged economy and a bought-off police state; and sham electoral system where both parties and politicians are bought-off tools of the rich is

an execrable system. Wage/profit coefficients to keep prices high in relation to wages, and circulating excess currency beyond the levels of the GNP to create

inflationary debt is also terrible.... It throws cripples and kids on the street, and creates inhuman poverty. It throws away human potential, because ones worth is

only measured in dollars.... Also Plutocracy is bad, because everything only exists to be exploited, and there is no limit to this, and no human values in it either.

It inflicts the worst cruelty on people possible in the drive for exploitation. I am utterly anti-Capitalist. (Far Left & Far Right)

So it follows that I have ideas that will offend almost everyone!
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