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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
December 2016
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SOTT News *Is* Russian Propaganda Much Of The Time.....
December 15, 2016

I have been reading SOTT news for years. I have to say that
SOTT is being misleading in saying that they are not mouthpieces for Kremlin and Russian Propaganda. They certainly are. You will never see any article written in the last couple of years at least, that in anyway criticizes Vladimir Putin or the Russian government. They even toe the Russian line to the degree, that they are always posting articles framing Donald Trump in an unconditionally positive light, which is also the position of Russian Propaganda. I have written articles here that demonstrate that the Russians were involved in influencing the election in the USA, doing a sophisticated PSYOP with Wikileaks. People may think that I am an apologist for Hillary Clinton, but I am not. She and the Democrats are actually guilty of all the vile things they have been accused of, but their reprehensible behavior has nothing to do pro or con, with Russian PSYOPs. The Russians have been doing this for years, also they were behind the Moscow Apartment Bombings as well, that was a false flag that propelled Putin into power. You will never hear about this on SOTT news, ever...... I would advise that you give SOTT nothing at all, till they come clean about being Putinists to the core. Also the Quantum Future Group should get its US Tax Exempt status revoked. If they want to not be forthcoming about their Russian bias, that is fine, but they should not do it on the public dime....

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