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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
December 2016
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Putin As Avatar.........
December 20, 2016

Is This Stuff True?

This really streamlines with my previous articles, and if *anyone* on earth could pull this off, it would be Putin and the Russians. Lots of people are saying that Keith

Olbermann has lost his mind, but they do not know the Russians with their super-intelligence and super-capabilities. There is nothing more dangerous than to

underestimate them. It also does not help that many of the picks in Trump's cabinet, have very strong ties to Putin and Russia. You have General Flynn, who got an "Order

of Russia Friendship Award" from Vladimir Putin himself; the "Supreme Pubah," the "Grand Wazoo." Flynn is an *American* General, who seems to have no problems with

being in collaboration with a foreign government, and acting in service of the Russian State. It is all quite odd. But it goes to show that Putin is indeed an avatar,

even *a god* Putin has all but taken over the USA through a massive act of will; that took on metaphysical power, manipulated countless situations and people to allow

him through Trump, to take over our nation. To limit it to just conspiracy, is to totally miss the kind of mystical power and influence Putin has. Putin reeks of some

kind of divinity, I have no doubt. It is up to him if he wants to use it for good or evil, or a mixture of both.....Maybe he wants to take over the USA, so he can stop

all US foreign aid payments to Israel, and let Israel sink into oblivion. Maybe he wants to set off the apocalypse, so the universe will be destroyed, and we can have a

new heaven and a new earth. If he does not do this, a global socialist state would be OK with me. I am not kidding though, Putin is a god....

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