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Zord's Underground Archive by Zord
December 2016
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Random Thoughts For Years End......
December 29, 2016

I am just going to throw out some random ideas, as I am thinking about divergent things...

In regards to the idea that if all things are removed, (even infinity) that Nothing is the only thing left that exists. But since Nothing has no attributes that can be

ascertained to be real, Nothing existing is a misnomer since there is Nothing in Nothing to exist. Thus if Nothing exists, its existence must be illusory. Thus Nothing

affirms the illusion of its own existence, and thus implies the existence of illusion. And since Nothing is boundless, this illusion must be infinite; but wrought out of

Nothing and utterly one with it. And since it is all illusion nothing in this fake existence can be real in itself, thus everything in it must be relatively real: i.e.

infinitely self and other defined: So it would be Infinitely Relativized and Actualized Non-Substantiality. But Nothing being Nothing really must in truth, deny the

illusion of its own existence, and thus the existence of Illusion. Then all would be Infinitely De-Relativized, De-Actualized, and before anything could become separate

and amorphous, (nothing existing in itself) it would instantly be gone, non-substantiated into Nothingness Unmanifest.....

What perplexes me, is what if the pole of anything actually existing could be reproduced and then destroyed in an infinitesimal fraction of a second; where

Infinitely Relativized and Actualized Non-Substantiality would come and fade into existence so fast, that nobody would be aware of anything, and the pain of existence

would never actually be experienced by anyone or anything? This would for all practical purposes, keep Nothing in a state of Nothingness, and thus always be pure


Why am I a determinist? I am of the view that freewill is an illusion. I think this because every complex of thought and action is predicated by some form of motive

force which is determined by its own reason for existing. This is true of everything. This happening as an infinite kind of gestalt across omniform multidimensionality


linearity across space and time holds everything together. The totality of what constitutes consciousness, motive force, and all acts is determined by *being* through

which the former emerges as a kind of reflex, of all interrelating with all, at a level of infinite complexity.

What will become of the USA? There is a cultural polarization going on in the country that is unprecedented. Americans used to be apolitical, now they are totally

*misinformed*. They are lied to by everyone.... By MSNBC, by Fox News, by liberals, by conservatives, and the only thing that holds true with all of these interests is

that they are totally self-interested and self-serving. Even Russia Today back in 2012, really concerned me over the "National Defense Authorization Act" that they said

was being used to send American citizens to Gitmo where they would be tortured, and this never happened. Even RT is propaganda in its own way...... But the polarization

runs right through the USA and even up into the wealthy strata. The only thing neo-liberals and conservatives have in common is in domestic affairs: They want to screw

everyone out of as much money as possible. In all else though they are at loggerheads. The liberals hate Putin and see him as another Hitler, whereas 48% of Republicans

admire Vladimir Putin very much. Both views of Putin are wrong. Putin is Machiavelli, with a touch of Jesus Christ. You have a square-off between the socially tolerant,

agnostic and atheistic, sexually libertine, but pro-ruthless capitalist and war-crazy neo-liberals, verses the socially intolerant, religiously fanatical, sexually

repressed, but pro-ruthless capitalist, and sometimes protectionist antiwar, but militarily supportive and at times war-crazy conservatives. This is a culture war, and it

is hard to see where it will end up. You do have some liberal so-called oligarchs, like George Soros who is very supportive of the Left. Soros supplied Occupy Wall Street

protesters with tents, generators, and legal help. If Trump continues neo-liberal economic policies the economy will totally go under. Half of the USA is doing very bad

economically, as in below-the-poverty-line bad. The only good this will do is that this will motivate and galvanize the Left. (Thats if they wake up from the system-

propagated distraction of cultural liberal issues, which will insure that the Left accomplished basically nothing of substance) And they are talking of gutting social

security too, and throwing a bunch of old people onto the streets, really? Is that the best anyone can do?

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