Today is August 20, 2018
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Sight Is Optional by blindsighted52
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April 10, 2017

As I sit here and type this I hear the awesome sounds of nature.
Warm day at 70 degrees...though to break the monotony of a beautiful day we did get a fast thunderstorm around noon...then back to awesome with birds singing and some sort of creature making a noise. No clue what the creature is...type of bird? Type of cricket or cousin of the cricket? Sounds kind of cool though.

Now Doggy is pissed off b/c neighbor dog is having a fit and going crazy much for nice sounds lmmfao! Laughing

Made the old man take me out for groceries first thing this morning as to avoid the brats and their ignorant parents! Too bad my favorite grocery store doesn't shut down first thing in the morning just for us in the disabled community so we can shop w/o sighted assholes that never seem to SEE us and end up walking right in front of us then acting stupid when we run them over lol.

Pay attention and GTFO of our way! Laughing

Anyway..... Wave
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