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Emotional Mess by carol15
November 2017

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Let's move
November 12, 2017

In less than 2 months i will be moving 4 hours away from home. in less than 2 months i will have my associates. In less than 2 months i will be pursuing my bachelors in accounting at a new university. I will know no one. I am so scared... i can't breathe. Everyone gets up and goes, i need to this because i feel it is the right move for me.

I drove down there this past weekend and found the apartment complex i will be moving into. i feel kind of weird about being a 22 yro woman living in what is basically student housing. I mean it's not a big deal, and it's normal. but it's weird at the same time. just i guess i am processing this.

I think i rather just lay in bed and do nothing for a few days. Actually after this crazy upcoming week i get too. but first i need to get through a icky 5 page paper. at least it is double spaced

well i should go study
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