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I like sex with dudes but love a woman by blooeyz
April 2017

April 2017
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April 18, 2017

I've always admired nice cocks. Big cocks are fun and there are plenty of them in need of attention.
Funny thing is that I learned I have a big cock simply by comparing with the dudes I have sex with.
I think that this is why having ED has sucked so much. Losing all that weight, getting sexy again, only to not be able to experience the pinnacle masculine purpose.
The increased testosterone makes me want the warm wet embrace of another person. Having sex with sexy guys is awesome, it's just different. I savor the masculine connection in every way. The vast majority of guys are just trying to meet a physical need. None of the emotional commitment you get with women. If you're a guy who doesn't have sex with guys you find sexy, you're a fool. Purely physical, NSA, expertise with the male body. It's hot as fuck.
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