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August 2018
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August 9, 2018

I was asked to look back into the past and view submissive behaviors, and whether they were asked for or done on your own. Firstly I want to say this was not easy to do which makes me feel like a horrid person for not seeing the differences then.

I will mention the asked for submissive behaviors first, me asking you to ask me to TP away, letting me TP you whenever possible, greeting me when you log in, wearing certain outfits when I ask you too. Ok, wow just how sad was I to not have asked more.

Behaviors you did on your own, Kneeling, asking me to be selfish, asking me what pleases me when in certain places, asking me if I like certain things before you buy them, deferring to me when you wanted to go out and do things.

Looking back I see now you tried so hard to bring me out and give you what you needed, and I didn't step up. I am struggling with finding my words with this, I really look forward to discussing this one on one.
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